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  1. Get well soon Ged. Hope u can enjoy the festive season All my good thoughts for a speedy recovery
  2. Hi anyone know if the match is going ahead
  3. UTT Knock 7 bells out of them. RFL U ARE NOT FIT TO BE ALLOWED TO RUN OUR SPORT. I hope they digest the WTRLFC Professional Statement.that is if any of them are capable of reading let alone digesting the content. Go For It Town ! U Can Do It
  4. Just wondering who owns the RFL? THEY ARE SO incompetent. Is there a.system in place to have a vote.of no confidence in the senior management team. I fear we are going to lose our beloved sport. Things are so dire it may well be too late. 1963 was my initiation to DP. Good Luck boys for Sunday UTT
  5. Think Big Town u are WINNERS BE THE BEST U CAN BE UTT
  6. All our good and caring thoughts are with you and your family at this very difficult time
  7. I just think it is so sad that the effort PV puts in week after week doesn't seem to be replicated by the players. I would be more than happy just to survive in this league. We are so lucky to have a guy like PV at the helm. Could it be that maybe a few of the squad are not as committed as they should be and are prepared to let themselves and PV down. Come on you players give PV the effort from you he deserves (and us species).All us true supporters want you to succeed. Keep the faith Up The Town
  8. Where do you start? No leader, no creator, no one to make half break &slip a pass and a young half back that must be eating too many pork pies ............ what a kite for a half. Wigan will release him.
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