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  1. I am not certain Taxi as I was not at the game and have only heard rumours and wanted to know either way.
  2. Can anyone confirm that the Coach at Miners has left by mutual consent?
  3. A brilliant result at West today for Miners holding on for the victory 22-20. This sets up what should be a cracking match against Siddal.. Well done to Miners and coaches.
  4. Sorry for such a long delay in replying to your post AL FAL the reason for a 2pm k.o. was at the request of Egremont who wanted to get back to their club for the England match. As for A team at OSA I have not a clue. Hope this helps.
  5. LMR will kick off on Saturday at 2pm not 2-30 as advertised
  6. Superb news get well soon Brad from the committee@miners
  7. A brilliant performance by LMR today at Egeremont who could not halt the marauding miners team going forward. There were about 8 changes today from last Saturdays victoty, but Miners have another good squad this year. Well done to everyone great performance.
  8. . I am certain you will be made to feel very welcome at Siddal unlike Leigh Miners at Newcastle.
  9. yes taxi it does been working overtime lately but still heavy n holding in places.
  10. After all this horrific weather we have experienced over the last few weeks , heavy rain & snow are there any clubs having difficulties for this weekend with their grounds?
  11. I was asked as to whether I would consider joining this sub committee. My reply was no, had I said yes after airing my views quite strongly at the meeting it would beeen like poacher turning gamekeeper
  12. miners have a new red n white one which commemorates there50 yrs.
  13. December 22, 2015 admin 50years-front The club will be reaching its fiftieth year in 2016 and we have a number of plans in place to celebrate in style including publishing a book charting the clubs history over those 50 years. As we are putting the final touches to the book we’re sending an appeal to all supporters, players past and present, or any followers of the game who might have memorabilia, photos, match reports, newspaper articles or memories – particularly from our early years in the 1960s and 1970s – to get in touch as it will all be much appreciated. All photos and other materials made available would of course be returned. If you have any information then please contact us through our website, our social media, by calling in at the club on matchday or by contacting Jeff at the club.
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