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  1. The only assistance the council will offer is Moor Lane as a cheap option and that is a last resort. Is there any recently vacated/empty land in Swinton available I wonder. Just a thought. One does not have to look to far, and I dont mean Agecroft.
  2. parky


    It looks like he is off to Featherstone. No doubt our leaders will be scouring all the clubs for there top players. Do not hold yopur breath.
  3. parky

    Mr. Chambers

    Taxi I am afraid
  4. No direction or enthusiasm at all from the bench that I could see. This was clearly a bad appointment. Before it is out of our hands he should either quickly resign or be sacked. |How worse can it get. Have Ian Watson as player coach. Where was Criag Harvey, no moves coming from stand off and Ainscough as tactical kicker that can only be the coaches decision. Please do not try and convenience chambers to carry on.
  5. See our website we have signed 4 trialists, one of which is Ashley Cooper.
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