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  1. 35 minutes ago, Sticklebricks said:

    I believe there’s a Fijian coming in visa been cleared by the rfl, don’t know if it’s a back or a midget forward. Allegedly???

    🤣🤣 Ooh that's a bit cynical. He's maybe a hooker as we are a bit short! 

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  2. 10 minutes ago, town2018 said:

    I personally was a big fan off Chris last season thought what he done to the team was a massive plus but going into this year with the mindset off not needing big forwards is questionable and even when we are half way into the season with zero points on the table his mindset doesn't seem to have changed personally will never stop turning up to support the lads every Sunday but if we don't get a result next week against London big questions need to be asked 

    I agree, Chris has been excellent and earned himself plenty of wiggle room, and he's still got my backing. But I am also completely baffled with some of his decisions. The situation with props I just can't fathom as its gone on too long without being addressed for it not to be a conscious decision. Yet every other team whether NRL, SL or Championship have the big lads in the middle. There's others i don't get but I guess many are subjective and I accept Chris knows better than me.

    Let's hope we can turn the corner very soon. UTT 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Nero said:

    I've been a fan of Pez since he came to the club, I even helped sponsor him a couple of years ago, I think he's a quality player who hit a run of poor form. I hope he gets his appetite back for the game whether he comes back to us or not. Good luck Pez, & welcome to Town Glenn.

    Yeah I've always rated him too. Can't remember who it was against but he had an unusually bad game a few weeks ago and that was that. The Sellafield crack ( because there are no secrets in the Millom area) was that he and Chris had words following that game and Pez reacted badly to it. Like I say it's all hearsay but probably some truth in it. Hope the lad gets the fire back in his belly and they patch up their differences as there's a good player in there.

    Looking forward to seeing Glenn in a Town shirt, if Chris can get him to the level he should be playing at then we have got a good player in a position we desperately need.

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  4. Going back to that Toronto fixture we stayed because it was a really nice day and made our way round outside the Gus for a few while we waited. 

    Paul Rowley was stomping around between the changerooms & the office, and when they decided to head back to the hotel we asked a couple of their players and they were bemused as to why. Rowley had some kind of god complex chip on his shoulder that day, and even had a large area of the popular side taped off for their own video analysis set up. I can't believe he could be naive enough to think he wouldn't get any kick back for doing this from people on the pop side ( I also can't believe we agreed to allow it). His attitude to the banter was completely cold which inflamed it all bearing in mind some people had put a few away in the 3 hour delay, and I'm sure his assistant threw something at someone at one point. All totally unnecessary and I completely lost respect for him and the wolfpack that day. 

    Definitely not a great day all round.

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  5. 59 minutes ago, morty said:

    Not just Sammut, Jake Carter is also getting better and better in the halves and taking on more plays down the left side

    Oh ffs it was just an observation, IMO Sammut was Barrows playmaker and they relied heavily on him. The fact that he made a lot of mistakes probably cost them. Carter might be getting better but it was the Sammut cabbage or caviar show from what I saw.

  6. We played pretty well yesterday although most of it offensively was in front of their defensive line as has been our problem all season. The lads had a real dig and were unlucky to come away with nothing.  

    Some of the refs calls were harsh on us as it always seems to be when you are at the bottom of the league. Be interesting to watch one of their tries back as I thought their player pushed ours over on a kick through to score.

    Playing Henson out of position just doesn't make any sense to me as he is the one with the x factor to create something. The new lads don't seem to address our weaknesses but need more time.

    Hastings got more game time and I thought played well. Someone needs to have a word with Clark though as he finds impossible to take a ball in without stuttering and losing momentum. He's big and quick enough to run in straight and hard but never does. 

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  7. 59 minutes ago, Sticklebricks said:

    According to Chris the club should be announcing the two new players today 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Won't be props then, but we will have plenty of ball handlers!

  8. 9 hours ago, Hate the rec said:

    I wonder when our signings are getting announced ??

    If they were at training last night I'm guessing the photos will have been taken then, so maybe today fingers crossed.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Death to the Rah Rah's said:

    Did they give any indication at the meeting as to how much the new stadium will cost?

    I was looking at Boston United new ground, the Jakemans Community Stadium which opened around 2020 and looks a cracking little ground, which is basically one very well equipped main grandstand and covered terracing and that cost £12 million !!

    I think it has a 6,000 capacity 

    There's a video showing how the work is progressing, can't help but think something along these lines would be ideal. I think the end that is still to be completed is a sports hall


    We are looking at less than that for both the training pitch and the stadium, so I suppose it gives an idea of the standard of facility it will be.

  10. Got to feel for the lads after fighting and getting level only to go and blow it. It's a big ask now but it's not impossible, just got to pray the new lads can make the difference and start picking up the wins.

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  11. Worth going and all the speakers were very credible. If they pull off their plans we will have a decent functional stadium both clubs can use to take them forward. The best bit is that it will be jointly owned by the clubs with no debt attached. 

    The 5.4m from the town fund is time bound and has to be spent or it will be lost. So the plan is to build the footprint of a new stadium and training pitch. With one main stand and possibly one opposite ( although this wasn't definite) Then using funding hopefully from the FA and big business the initial figure will be matched to deliver a complete 4 sided modular stadium and training facility.  

    For me the positives are that they are using experts in their field to make up or advise the initial Cumberland Sports Village Ltd company to deliver the project. Not borrowing money to deliver it and It seems achievable. 

    Negatives are to me (and this is just my opinion) it all seems a bit too fingers crossed and hope its affordable at this stage. Nothing more than a sketch and some aspirations of what may be achievable.  Maybe through my own ignorance I expected it to be further down the line. Given the changeover from Allerdale to Cumberland is happening there seems to be a lot of uncertainty over the commitment of what may happen. Also it's a possibility we may end up with an underwhelming one sided stadium that's half finished. 

    Thought some of the reds fans believe they are just rebuilding the stands on Borough Park with one even wanting to keep the terracing, another was worried the current pitch isn't long enough. 

    I think the devil will be in the detail. I doubt it will be as good as I wished but hopefully better than I feared.


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  12. 1 hour ago, chromedome said:

    Was Gary McFarland the only Town Director at the match?  Just a friendly query ha.

    No he wasn't, I saw one of the newer ones there, can't remember his name though  is it Mark something? 

    Edit; It was Mark Cant I think....

  13. After just watching the highlights on YouTube, it brings up a question I don't know the answer to. For what seemed like an age the ref stopped the game because King had cramp half way down the pitch, and it was stopped until he could continue. But when Caine had cramp in the ruck he let play continue and ironically King dummies through the hole left where Caine would have defended. So whats the protocol when it isn't an injury as such and just cramp? It probably didn't change the result but I can't see what the difference is or what the correct call is.

  14. 7 hours ago, JMB said:


    a good example to the young kids that were in the ground at the time.

    I don't think you need worry too much corrupting any kids by flicking off a few supporters. When we moved into the Kells end we purposely stood away from the town and haven groups to keep the boy away from any potential trouble.  There was a large gang of kids in front of us all pre teen age, they all knew the words and were signing along with all the Haven songs. Almost every one had bad language in, and included the Adams family incest one and their Matty Henson song. I'm not saying that this is exclusively a Haven thing, my point is that kids are exposed to a lot more than a v sign. 

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  15. Pleased I went in the end although I hate watching a game from behind the sticks but the weather forced us in at half time. 

    Cant argue with the effort most of the lads put in today, they put a shift in against a bigger team. Must have been a slog in the 2nd half against the weather.  If we had played smarter we could maybe have taken the points or at least put some pressure on them. Going into touch on first tackle, when we finally get to the haven line we run on last tackle, they have players cramping up on their left side and we don't exploit it. I couldn't believe how many of their players were stretching their muscles in the last 20, I was sure we were gonna get back in it but just couldn't get any pressure on them.

    Not sure what others thought of the ref, but I'm not having it that we were the only team off side. How many times did we get pinged and lose field position, it was killing us. I'm not saying we weren't off but it was very one sided imo.

    Will tate looked good, and our usual crew who carry the others really got stuck in. Heard some movement is expected on the recruitment front and we really do need them. UTT!

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  16. Good luck today lads. Decided to risk it to go and cheer the boys on. I'm sure Chris will have the lads fired up, if we defend well and get at them while being disciplined I'm sure we can get our first points of the season. UTT!  

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  17. 19 hours ago, dkw said:

    Brilliant, we can bring out the old "Taity, Taity where ya fra...Cumbria (On loan), Cumbria (On loan)....

    I remember a different chant we all sung to Taity from behind the sticks at Headingly at a challenge cup match. It wasn't as complimentary and involved him taking things where the sun doesn't shine. He took it in good humour, and enjoyed the banter pointing to the scoreboard.

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  18. Back row or center, Welcome to Town Dan. 

    Wasn't exactly what I was expecting in terms of size as he looks the same size and build as Chris but hopefully gives us a bit of strike at center. UTT

  19. Well it's Tuesday and training tonight so fingers crossed there is something positive to report especially on the recruitment side. Hate being critical but I agree with a lot of the posts that communication has dropped, but I suppose it's difficult when there's no good news on the recruitment front and the team's getting spanked every week. 

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