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  1. Town have tried to sign Matty for the last couple of years. He was going to follow Rooney here for next season but not sure what is happening now his coach isn't coming.
  2. Brilliant achievement for Carl and well deserved . He just keeps getting better every season too. A few seasons ago I'll be honest and say I didn't really rate him that much, but the weaknesses I thought he once had are now no longer an issue. His goal kicking must be up there with the very best in the sport, and we now miss him when he isn't playing which shows what a good player he is.
  3. Ok I'll play along. Specifically which board members do you mean? Why has it clearly not worked, and how have they contributed to the size of the squad?
  4. What injury has he been carrying all season?
  5. Awesome effort by every player today, unbelievable how they dug in when obviously knackered in the second half. Every one of them ran their blood to water UTT
  6. Good luck to the lads having to do it tough again today. Why are we the only club that seemingly has these problems. For the second season in a row we could be denied a chance of promotion because we can't make a 17 man squad. Is it just bad luck or bad management? I honestly don't know the answer to that but I feel sorry for the lads out on the park today knowing before they step out the opposition have a big advantage. Backs to the wall stuff and hope they can pull it out of the bag. UTT!
  7. Why will Wright be missing next week? Injured or banned?
  8. Excellent second half especially to keep them scoreless. We could really do with a bit of luck in getting 17 fit players in the line up as the other lads are really having to do it tough. But they are getting the job done and we can't ask for any more of the players on the park. It looks like Donny's defence has won them the game again at Newcastle. Maybe they didn't get enough credit for how they played aginst us.
  9. Oh come on, in it for the money? We can beat anyone on our day - if Newcastle were unbeatable they'd have won the league. I'm sure Chris and the lads won't be giving promotion up just yet, even if it does mean beating Newcastle.
  10. I think the community club take over days have had a positive impact on attendances and has been a great initiative by the club.
  11. Excellent news, don't know how it fits in with his RU head coach job but I'm sure the BOD and Chris have this sorted. He comes across brilliantly and is very credible so its a great move by the BOD. Hopefully he will get some of the players we have knocked into shape and build a squad to compete in whichever division we are in next season. UTT.
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