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  1. The short version of the craic I heard and the jam lads usually aren't far off was that the players won't start pre season as most of them are owed a couple of months wages but as there's no income they can't pay as the club has debts it still has to pay. Meeting tomorrow to try and sort it out but it needs the players to back down as the club can't pay them otherwise they could be in trouble.
  2. If the meeting doesn't go well tomorrow night at the wreck do you think we could get a couple of players back?
  3. Buffer is announced so at half back we have Simpson,Walker, Forber, and possibly Marwood. I think it's at hooker we could do with another addition. Matty is the number 1 but his ankle will always be a potential injury weakness leaving only Blaine. I'm sure it's in hand though and the squad is shaping up nicely The new home Jersey looks good, and better with the Toyota symbol back on the front. After a totally abject 22 season where I was so angry about the recruitment and the mind numbing style of play I'm starting to regain a bit of interest again. UTT
  4. Things are looking promising with the squad and hopefully the mistakes of last season have been learned from in all areas. Jordan is proven quality and Aaron can catch pigeons. The other lads announced on Saturday all look like they can improve the squad. Still need a couple of key positions to fill but if we get them right we might be pushing for promotion instead if the other end of the table. UTT
  5. Disappointed we have lost Cus, gives everything in a game which is probably why he seems to spend a bit of time injured. Nevertheless will be a miss. But we move on.
  6. Think we are gonna have to disagree a bit on this pal. I don't understand what options you can take in a one on one in defence , you either tackle the bloke with the ball or you don't. In attack we hardly ever put the ball up to him to either catch or pat back on the line which I have mentioned more than once on here through the season. I'm not giving him a free ride either as he did have some bad games and deserved some pelters, but who didn't? I agree with Derwent on the travellers bit, and wouldn't die in a ditch if he left or wasn't retained but I do think he got a raw deal with some fans in comparison to say Clegg on the opposite wing who was just as culpable for criticism, but never got half of what Alex did in my opinion. It just shows how we watch the same game with the same interest in it but see two different things.
  7. I dunno, I think Alex got a lot of unfair criticism last season tbh, I suppose when you are that tall you stand out and get noticed more. He was left marking 2 players a lot of the time and his assets were never utilised in attack. There's definitely a decent player in there given a chance and I would like another season out of him and show what he can do as he can give us something different if we play to his strengths.
  8. Gutted to be losing Cus as he was always 100% which is probably why he had a few injuries. But having Caine back more than sweetens the bad news. Not many around like Caine so to keep him from going down the road is a big plus for us.
  9. Honestly pleased Clarke has left, he's a decent sized bloke but has the heart of a mouse, slowed down taking balls in and often turned his back going into contact. Also seemed to switch off in defence. Oh well, we move on.
  10. Everyone looks good on YouTube pal. We have had some duck eggs that looked like world beaters on YouTube.
  11. I've asked about at work and the story goes that Rooney had agreed in principle to be the Town coach, then Murdoch informed him that he would recruit the players and Rooney would coach them. At this point Mr Rooney changed his mind and walked away as he wasn't happy with those terms. I have no idea if any part of this is true or why that would make any Brow player turn an offer from Town down, but that was the craic.
  12. Surprised he's gone to Haven home town or not given the decade of sometimes vile abuse he has suffered from their fans that will no doubt love him now
  13. Best wishes for the future to Jamie, I thought he would have seen it out for a testimonial but obviously fancied a change. He has been fantastic for the club for a number of years, but unfortunately it is probably the right time to move on. He like many others put their cue away half way through last season and finished the season going through the motions which is a shame.
  14. The craic at work with the Haven fans is that they have drastically cut the losing pay, meaning some of the players are doing a bit of twining.
  15. Great night, really enjoyed it. Watched a bit of all the games. Cumbria played really well for their first game in 11 years. Jamaica had a couple of good players but lacked a few more. Really impressed with the quality of the kids game. At that age some of the lads are in mens bodies and some are still kids, so often size matters. But both teams had a few moves and were entertaining. Walkers younger brother Coby looked accomplished at 7 and a lad called Caleb ( listening to the kids in front of me) stood out for Seaton in their win. They should definitely think about doing them as curtain raisers more often as you could see how the kids enjoyed it.
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