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  1. Shame on you all? Disgraceful?? Yet your own justification is that you acted out of anger and frustration. Oh well that's ok then. Read your initial post back to yourself, followed by your next over reaction. People have opinions pal, just because they don't match yours doesn't necessarily make them wrong even if you think they are. Marra I'm not ashamed at all of what I posted which was that i wouldnt be voting for Jenkinson. Guess what? I didn't. I think it's disgraceful that you should be so pompous and self righteous about it all. It looks like you will have the last laugh with your vote though. I look forward to living in the promised utopia that awaits us in the land of milk and honey. On the plus side we aren't in the championship yet so won't have to pay the extra taxes when we are away at Toulouse but out of Europe. ( see what I did there? )
  2. Oh your god what exactly? Can you prove any of that stuff you preach? I pay my mams monthly care bill of £4200 because the NHS is broken so don't talk to me about losing inheritance and penalising people who have worked all their lives. Stop believing all the propaganda you read on social media. It seems ever so slightly ironic you call Donald narrow minded then attack somebody else's point of view. What has Mark Jenkinson, David Cameron, Theresa May, or that Clown currently in charge done for the area or me?
  3. I won't ever be voting for him. No matter what party he represents.
  4. It's a shame Penky has left as I enjoyed watching him in the blue and white. Almost unplayable when he was right on it, but it's the right thing to give our young lads a crack now. Thanks for your efforts in the blue and white marra. UTT.
  5. Superb to have him back on board and a very important player for us next season. Gets better every year and the team is never as good when he's missing. UTT.
  6. Ah yes of course there will be loads of teams falling over themselves for a 5 hr round trip away friendly when they could have one just around the corner. More fool who?
  7. Ah right, sorry chief that one flew right over my head! I thought there was an issue other than a nice bit of well aimed sarcasm.
  8. Awesome to have Danny back. Must be a coaches dream to have him out on the pitch. UTT
  9. Sounds mysterious, and seems random insider knowledge to have. Is this likely to be sound or just made up??
  10. I agree it seems very one sided doesn't it! A few home friendlies just to get a bit of turnover flowing never hurt anyone....
  11. Welcome back Gabe, hope your second stint is as productive as your first in the blue & white. I'm also liking that whoever the Sellafield leak was has been plugged. Our back division is def looking stronger already. UTT
  12. Excellent week. Shame about Pez but things happen at our level. I'm sure the squad will be much stronger come the start of the season than it has for a long while.
  13. Brilliant to have Calvin back on board as he is a real handful for the opposition. Bit sneaky putting a picture of somebody else shaking hands on the social media though yesterday
  14. I think we need to learn to speak proper like Elliot and expand our culture a bit to shake off this #workingtonman tag. This summer needs to be afternoon tea and pimms parties on the car park. What do you think old chap?
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