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  1. Only met Brian a couple of times but he was such a friendly and warm character. I think the Twitter thread with lots of former players, coaches and others in rugby league passing their condolences on give an indication of the regard he was held in by others. He will no doubt leave a huge hole in Workington Town, but more importantly with his loved ones and they all have my sincere sympathies. Hopefully they can take some comfort of how many people have expressed their sorrow and gave a memory of how Brian infected them with his warmth. Rest in Peace to a true Townie.
  2. The lads have had some stick recently and some of it deserved. To win with 14 fit players, dubious tactics from London, and a refereeing shambles is all credit to the 14 lads on the pitch. Mellor was a deserved MOM, but everyone put a shift in and a credit that we finished the strongest when down to 12. It shows how a weak ref can escalate things and those 3 were pathetic. If it was nipped in the bud that would have been the end of it. Stupid by Dec to get himself sent off and banned given our crisis in numbers but it must be hard not to react. Hopefully we get some bodies back next week. UTT.
  3. Cheers, although surely the restaurant must have been in the original plan. The rest are just square rooms with services ran in, considering what the price of the stadium cost it still seems steep. The Salford stadium isn't that cheap as either if one stand was 5m and we were getting 4 for 15m.
  4. The bit I struggle with on the build cost figures is why to add offices would it add 10m to the original cost of 15m? On face value that seems a huge amount of money for nothing very complicated.
  5. Some good suggestions DTTRR BUT one of the big selling points to me was the new stadium would have been a new venue and a hub for many events in the area. Both stadiums need bulldozed and started again. Income streams like corporate facilities and top quality function rooms serving good quality food is what keeps the money coming in all year round, sticking an extension on rooms that have pillars in them just isn't good enough IMO however good an idea it is. It will be very interesting how Jenkinson and the likes can come up with a viable alternative that will deliver what is needs to yet be affordable given the lines in the sand he has drawn over this one. It has to look something like a bus shelter for it to be in the parameters he's already set out which just won't be good enough for anyone. I don't know how it can turn around from being £69m in the black over the lifespan in the loan to somebody else making it £44m in the red. There has to be some seriously optimistic and also pessimistic assumptions in both the reports. The question is where does the truth lie?
  6. You will struggle to compare anyone to Penky in this league imo. Think you are being harsh on Dec though, his passing is usually bang on for a start with very few around the head or knees out of either hand.
  7. I think yesterday was just one of those days when nowt went right for the lads on the pitch. Oldham were the better team and deserved to win. You can't expect to win with the completion rate we had, but despite that we almost got back into it but shot ourselves in the foot again. I know everyone was bigging up the borough park experience last week but I think there is more atmosphere in DP no matter how far from the pitch you are. For me it was ok to experience the alternative but I'll be pleased to get back to DP.
  8. Are you sure he's against it?
  9. Deciding who is better each week is our coaches job and up to press I think it's fair to say he's hardly put a foot wrong. I haven't seen Marwood play yet so don't even have an opinion, but I'm happy to back Chris'. Plenty of time yet for rotation of the squad and we would all be whining if we were down to the bare bones again. UTT.
  10. Is there a lot of trouble or rowdiness on the terrace at the football then for this to be in place? Surely if you need to drink you will go to the bar and down your pint which will cause more issues than drinking at a leisurely pace where you want to stand, sometimes I'm sure the police make it up as they go along. I heard stewards talking at magic weekend about how good it was to allow drinking in the stands at Anfield and it was a stupid rule that has no effect banning it during football games as folk just turn up half cut then down a couple at half time.
  11. Excellent win and we played really well in patches, there were a couple of soft tries conceded but it shouldn't detract from the performance. Thought Stevie and Ryan were our stand outs today, and it looks like we will be a force again in the second half of the season injuries allowing and shouldn't fear anyone. The reds experience was different and not at all bad, although they must think we are all hooligans when you can't walk around the ground with your pint, which is just ridiculous! That apart a good day all around.
  12. Have you asked Danny his view or just assumed?
  13. Oh no don't say Whitehaven is gonna win something, that's my favourite line at work when the banter gets fierce To be fair they are showing they are a good team this year, after all the outcry of Charlo as coach being a big backward step he is now the messiah.
  14. The ref also had a very unusual interpretation of what was 10 metres for both sides as they weren't consitently small or big, nor did he police them for the majority of the afternoon.
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