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  1. Yeah look at Sabutey, all that work scouting him and expense bringing him half way around the world, setting him up with somewhere to live and work and after one season he went back home. Unfortunately the Jarred Stacks of this world don't work out every time, and every time the Jambos bring somebody decent over the likes of Halifax move in and relive them of all their good work. It would be great if we were in the position to risk some budget on unearthing an antipodean gem, but I think it's better being prudent for the time being.
  2. He's still in his early twenties, he looks like he's a unit with a bit of pace about him, and he even passes to his winger!. If he was a St Helens junior he must have something about him, so as long as he puts a shift in, gets himself fit and gives it his all I'm sure he could be an astute signing. If he is willing to give it a dig up here I'm sure we will all give him our backing, lets hope he can shut Neutralfan7 down in the Ike.
  3. It was said last week on the jam grapevine that usually isnt far off that Town ( Gary Murdoch was mentioned) hadn't offered him a contract because he was unavailable for a number of games and the Jambos had heard about it and were moving in. If that is true, it seems bizarre that Town wouldn't just offer a contract that's been adjusted for the amount of games he is available. Like I said a couple of lads know players off both teams so the craic is usually good. You have to weed out the made up ones which are banter, and I thought this might be one of them as Caine is one player you'd want to keep. Fingers crossed it is made up, but we've started training now and he still hasn't been announced so I'm starting to wonder....
  4. That's the 1895 cup you are quoting not the league loop fixtures.
  5. Our loop fixtures should probably not be against Cornwall and Midlands if they seed it from last years table with a bit of luck. Although I'm sure they'll find an algorithm somewhere to make it happen. I'm guessing the two relegated teams will take Dews and Donnys places above us in the seeding, with Cornwall & Midlands the lowest seeds and should play each other and maybe Rochdale & Crusaders ( unless because they got to the final they trump us in the seedings ) in which case we may get dragged in.
  6. What new stadium? The upgraded BP has not been heard of for months and after initially being in favour of a new facility I now see very little benefit to Town.
  7. That's the difficult bit though isn't it? It's all well and good getting an experienced player in but it's got to be the right one, those palyers that can change a game and lead the team around the pitch will be on everyone's shopping list. I remember the difference Holty made when he arrived. His kicking game alone transformed the team. The length of the field drop out against the Jam will never be forgotten.
  8. Sounds like another promising addition to the squad. Welcome Connor. UTT
  9. Back down under was the crack at work, no idea if that's true though.
  10. Absolutely awful 2nd half, as poor as I've seen. Really disappointing to be honest. But in the bigger picture it's too early for promotion for the current squad, and we'd have probably lost money if we got through two away games and not been promoted. On the whole its been a much better season than last when we had players not interested in playing for the jersey. Still need some strengthening in some key areas, but from where we were it's been great progress. UTT!
  11. Matty has supposedly done a rib too.
  12. I think that's a pretty negative statement considering where the club was a year ago. We have been very unlucky with a number of long term injuries this season. We are in the play offs and none of the other teams will want to play us in a knockout game. I'm a lot more optimistic than I was this time last season. That said it wouldn't be terrible if the squad had another season in this league to strengthen and be better equipped for promotion to the championship. Muzza will be very aware of areas where the squad needs strengthened, and the Eccleston signing tells us preparations for next season are already underway. UTT.
  13. Haven have gone from having the begging bowls out and worrying about the future with players unpaid, to adding a quality winger to their squad. Bounty must have put a substantial amount into them for that turnaround so quickly. We all know that Holroyd will definitely add something to them, good luck to them both. Looks like Doncaster are going all out for promotion with Mahe Fonua & Bureta Faraimo signed up after leaving Castleford. Big statement that.
  14. Bit of an over reaction from our jam munching neighbours on the Eccleston signing, it's been enjoyable couple of days at work. None of them have an issue that Daryl Clarke has signed for Saints next season but its different apparently because there's a picture of Dave with a town top on. It doesn't matter that he will still give 100% for a team that may or not pay his wages to the end of the season, and has been a consistent performer all season. Storm in a teacup.
  15. Agree with all of that David. Our line speed was really poor, our end of set kicks were poor. We struggled to play on the front foot for most of the game, and ended up playing in our own half for most of the game. I know it is difficult when the ref allows slow PTB and we are missing our first choice hooker, but the score flattered us. Donny were the better team, their pack were dominant, they shut us down and had done their homework on how we play. They looked like they wanted it more apart from a few exceptions which was disappointing. Let's hope Budsy is OK as we will really struggle with another first choice player missing from our spine.
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