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  1. Looks like they could be missing a few with bans after the disciplinary panel. Every little helps with our injuries.
  2. Nicely put although the Chucky where Deano got his name was a murderous doll that came to life! Us Visigoths gather wherever there may be resurgence of the Romans. Afterall what did the Romans ever do for us??
  3. I was waiting for this Sandy , and I'm well aware of Deanos standing in our folklore as I don't think I missed many of the games he played in a Town shirt. I also can't dispute any of what you say about Buffer or Blaine. I just hope the lad doesn't feel any pressure to live up to any expectation of being in his dads shadow when the crowd are chanting Deano etc. He didn't put a foot wrong in his cameo on Sunday and good luck to the lad but I was surprised how positively people rated his performance. This was not a slight on Marwood in any way, but I suppose everyone loves the back story of him following in Dean's footsteps and are rooting for him more than they might someone with no connection to the club.
  4. The lads that played on Sunday all put a shift in, especially in the pack where we looked more than a bit thin on the ground, first subs were after half an hour, and when Tom came on I think he injured himself in the first tackle. Danny was outstanding again and organises everything, must be a coaches dream to have him in there. I know I'm gonna get pelters for this but I think some of the superlatives thrown at Marwood are a bit OTT. Yes he has real promise, is the son of an ex player, and has shown his qualities in backing up a break to bag a brace on Sunday but IMO some of the reaction has been a bit too far at this stage for the young lad, but I suppose must be nice to have folk singing your name after five mins for backing up a break to get a try. Just hope we can get a few back from injuries for the remainder of the season especially in the pack. If we do I think we will give anyone a game. UTT.
  5. Couldn't agree more marra. Just hope we are talking about a great game at 5pm.
  6. I agree with some of what you say and both sets of fans have some who cross the line. Believe me the half way line is no safe sanctuary for a Town fan. I've had a pint of dark fruits over me and seen other lads getting drink over them, and asked out for fights etc all by lads old enough to know where the line should be. One of them is at it every time I'm there egged on by his mates.
  7. Eh are you for real or on a wind up? I always want Town to win as funny enough I'm a Town fan. But if that win coincided with Haven getting beat then it just makes it a bit sweeter. If that also coincides with their title ambitions then it is what it is and I'll enjoy it all the same. Are you seriously trying to tell me beating our derby rivals doesn't mean anything extra to you? When we got mullered a few months ago I got plenty of stick from my mates, and whoever loses tomorrow can expect the same. Are you praying for a draw?
  8. It all depends what the Town team's attitude is and what our squad is looking like. If it's the attitude of early in the season we will have the same result as DP. If it's the attitude of the last few games it could be one of those games that hinge on the bounce of a ball or ref decision. I think Chris is making his mark now and it will be the latter. Let's all hope it's a close game with the ref anonymous, and we do owe them a last minute winner. They are not unbeatable but are a good team that can grind results out, and it would be sweet to turn them over given the circumstances. UTT.
  9. It was only a couple of days ago a certain Mrs Fitzgerald said in a Times & Star article " I have always believed that party politics has no place at local government level. Councillors should simply be doing their best to look after the interests of the communities they serve" It will interesting seeing her trying to gag her deputy who takes any and every opporutinty to have a dig at Labour. I completely agree with her sentiment though even if it does come back to haunt her once the homeymoon period is over and all the in fighting starts.
  10. Great to be back at yam with the pitch looking pretty good although not quite there yet. I didn't take to BP at all for whatever reason. It was a really good team performance today in not the best conditions with the wind but for a change our defence was outstanding and made the rest very easy. There wasn't any player that stood out or had a stinker and quite a few could have had a case for MOM, but couldn't argue with DT. How much easier is the game when it is managed well? The lads tackled their hearts out, completed their sets, ran strong in attack and put pressure on Keighley throughout the match. Really pleasing to see after a few dodgy performances and if they can find that consistency they will give every team a game. It was also really good to see a ref that could actually do his job pretty well. Can we have him every week? The only negative is buffers injury, fingers crossed it's not serious as we just can't buy any luck with injuries this season. UTT
  11. Only met Brian a couple of times but he was such a friendly and warm character. I think the Twitter thread with lots of former players, coaches and others in rugby league passing their condolences on give an indication of the regard he was held in by others. He will no doubt leave a huge hole in Workington Town, but more importantly with his loved ones and they all have my sincere sympathies. Hopefully they can take some comfort of how many people have expressed their sorrow and gave a memory of how Brian infected them with his warmth. Rest in Peace to a true Townie.
  12. The lads have had some stick recently and some of it deserved. To win with 14 fit players, dubious tactics from London, and a refereeing shambles is all credit to the 14 lads on the pitch. Mellor was a deserved MOM, but everyone put a shift in and a credit that we finished the strongest when down to 12. It shows how a weak ref can escalate things and those 3 were pathetic. If it was nipped in the bud that would have been the end of it. Stupid by Dec to get himself sent off and banned given our crisis in numbers but it must be hard not to react. Hopefully we get some bodies back next week. UTT.
  13. Cheers, although surely the restaurant must have been in the original plan. The rest are just square rooms with services ran in, considering what the price of the stadium cost it still seems steep. The Salford stadium isn't that cheap as either if one stand was 5m and we were getting 4 for 15m.
  14. The bit I struggle with on the build cost figures is why to add offices would it add 10m to the original cost of 15m? On face value that seems a huge amount of money for nothing very complicated.
  15. Some good suggestions DTTRR BUT one of the big selling points to me was the new stadium would have been a new venue and a hub for many events in the area. Both stadiums need bulldozed and started again. Income streams like corporate facilities and top quality function rooms serving good quality food is what keeps the money coming in all year round, sticking an extension on rooms that have pillars in them just isn't good enough IMO however good an idea it is. It will be very interesting how Jenkinson and the likes can come up with a viable alternative that will deliver what is needs to yet be affordable given the lines in the sand he has drawn over this one. It has to look something like a bus shelter for it to be in the parameters he's already set out which just won't be good enough for anyone. I don't know how it can turn around from being £69m in the black over the lifespan in the loan to somebody else making it £44m in the red. There has to be some seriously optimistic and also pessimistic assumptions in both the reports. The question is where does the truth lie?
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