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  1. Which shirts are they Wonky? I have a few but Ive lost track of which is which.
  2. What an awful video! All very stylish but you miss the breaks on half the tries. Some poor defence on their first 3 tries which will make painful watching for some on the video analysis. But still the game breaker must have been the tackle on Caine, if he did stop him it was some tackle.
  3. My argument is nothing of the sort pal, but if new fans and old spend more it is better for the club all round isn't it? I didnt mention Newcastle, you did, I couldn't give a toss about Newcastle (or Swinton for that matter), how they are run or what badge they have. Plenty of fans will not want any change even if it were to the detriment to the club to progress financially, and I totally get it as part of any Town fan is to look back at the halcyon days and tradition. Nothing wrong with that at all, one of my best ever memories is standing on McLaren field half dressed as an Arab with tears in my eyes hugging everyone in a blue shirt as buck lifted the trophy. Our BOD are doing a fantastic job moving us forward all the time with no doubt a return to those days as the goal. If the next big step was to rebrand I'd welcome it with open arms as long as there was still a nod to the club's past. So for me a "Cumbria Steelers" would be a step too far as it loses everything that's gone before. We all just want the best for the club whatever our opinions are. UTT.
  4. Erm I'm sure I said it wasn't the right time didnt I? Also I said it was a big task to completey change everything How do you know Newcastle are no better off than us because of, or despite their brand. How do you know that the people who attend their games don't spend more per person at the ground than the people who go to town matches?
  5. That's like comparing the reds to Liverpool, because Wigan can still live off being the best and most iconic team on the planet for years doesn't mean that because they can get away with it that it's the blueprint to follow. Surely it has to be the whole package though doesn't it? Go to a new stadium, buy the food, the drink, and the merchandise. Why wouldn't you offer the whole package?
  6. Going a bit against the traditionalist theme on here but I think a revamp could only benefit the club. Having said that now is probably not the best time to do it. I agree with a lot of what wiggler says in the original post. The badge isn't great and doesn't lend itself to marketing logos, and the name could be added to for better branding. For example if it was Workington Town Sharks ( as we are near the sea) or Workington Town Cowboys ( wild west cumbria) The amount of opportunity to use the theme of the logo is immense. Off the top of my head - a shark or cowboy mascot with toy mascot that are a ready made cuddly shark or cowboy with a town branding added. Junior club as the mini sharks or cowboy/cowgirls. Cowboy barbecues etc. And headline writers dreams being bitten by the sharks or shot down by the cowboys. As it is apart from #ourtown what is the clubs identity to appeal to kids etc? And I better not get into the Latin debate in case my mate Sandy re-appears! Like I say at this moment it probably is too big a job to rebrand everything especially if it's with a new identity, but if we were ever to get a new stadium..... I wont hold my breath.
  7. Superb achievement from a top class player. He has seen loads of managers come and go and tried to be replaced but they all see how consistent he is and always makes the team. Deserved future hall of fame player for sure. Well done Carl.
  8. I've no idea whether it's rubbish or not, but they do know the players pretty well in some cases. They have turned on Charlo already, thought he would have a bit of credit built up after last season but the knives are out.
  9. This is another "Haven lad at work in the tea bar" crack but they usually ain't far off as they know the players. Charlo allegedly made the props put 1.5 stone on in the off season and they are struggling with carrying it. Obviously that hasn't injured them but the likes of shacks aren't at their best because of it. So it's all Charlo's fault - poor Charlo.....
  10. It's only the first game so I'm not getting too giddy, but I thought that was a proper performance. We played the first quarter on the back foot and in our own half but just tackled them to death and didnt give them a sniff. We got our noses in front and looked the more dangerous after that. I thought the Cougars were pretty sharp and like us will flourish on summer pitches, but we shut them down every time until the ref decided to just penalise us till they scored. Hard to pick a mom as although Hall scored 4 tries it was a great team performance given the conditions and the muppet in the middle trying to spoil the game. Next week should be a good barometer and if we can be consistent we will definitely give them a game.
  11. No idea if there is any truth in it, but the Haven lads were saying he sulked because he was asked to play prop. Even it is was true I'd have expected it to have been put to bed by now.
  12. I hope your big enough to hold your hand up when he proves you wrong when you haven't even given the lad a chance. I've spoken to a few lads who have played both alongside and against him, and they all say he will take to it like a duck to water. You seem to be the lone voice in this overwhelming doubt pal.
  13. It was a good performance and win yesterday for so early in the season and with the pitch being heavy, and with a lot of new faces and players stepping up a level or two. I find it baffling that folk were having a go at Alex, the kick to the corner he was looking into a low sun which is a tactic we never used at all in the first half. He ran the ball in hard all day and was sound in defence. What do folk want? With reference to the ref, is a knock on any dropped ball nowadays or is it still supposed to be knocked forward? Apart from that he was a lot more consistent than usual, although they had a player binned for a high shot, then let a trip go with just a penalty. But for him who usually refs in bursts it was a definite improvement.
  14. You are obviously very confident Rob when you are on the Town forum being sarcastic because we are backing our lads? Are you American btw?
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