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  1. Last time I checked the home venues for the Jacksonville Axemen, Central FL Warriors, Atlanta Rhinos and the Tampa Mayhem, are not located behind a supermarket. Just to clarify venue use.
  2. If anyone is looking for Jerseys/Trainers/Shorts/etc from Rugby League in the USA, the Jacksonville Axemen are selling all their left over kits and merchandise from as far back as season 2009 at BELOW cost prices. Everything is bundled for sale. An example is a 2015 Bundle of Playing Jersey, Training Jersey, Shorts and Socks all for $45 (And that is the most expensive bundle. All items at on the Axemen Facebook page with details on how to order. https://www.facebook.com/JaxAxemen
  3. If anyone wants one of the 17 remaining Official Nth vs. Sth All-star event shirts, you can buy them here. $22 for USA orders, and $27 for International. Prices include all fees, AND Shipping. Pretty unique gift for RL fans. AND you are supporting the growth of the game in the USA with each order. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/usa-rugby-league-north-vs-south-t-shirt-sale-tickets-29205433237 There will also be a TON of Axemen merch going on sale at low prices from the last 11 years, next week. Time to clean out the team storage unit and get ready for new merchandise starting in 2017
  4. thats not accurate at all. The Souths v Leeds game was 13,000. Next year saw 7500 for Leeds v Salford Since then the Axemen have led attendance in the USARL (over 2000 for some games) Hosted multiple International teams. for events in every year since Hosted Multiple National Championship games Hosted Multiple Pro-team training camps Created and operated a 4 team reserve grade comp across Florida for 2012 and 2013 Founded, created and operated teams in tampa, central Florida and Atlanta for 2014 and 2015 Had the operateing partners in each of those cities take ownership and operations of those 3 teams in 2016 Basically hosted the RLWC Qualifiers in 2015 So to say it was one and done is far from accurate. The legacy from that one event, and hard work my many in Jacksonville and the South is one of the biggest reasons the game has a foothold in the South. AND - the four southern teams all post all games onto YouTube, and for 2017 are hoping to LIVE Stream all games direct to YouTube Channels to increase brand awareness.
  5. Ideally one nation for life. BUT a maximum of 1 change, in 1 direction. So a change from home nation to new nation once, but NOT back again. OR from residence nation back to home nation once, but NOT back again. And never more than 2 nations.
  6. Yep, pretty much sums up a sport that is so tiny, it has never had to worry about any countries other than AUS and ENG. And now its trying to go global, it is running into all sorts of issues. I can tell you first hand, and not only from the USA, that the continued use of Grandparent Heritage players for Internationals is one of the biggest issues for our sport to grow. A LOT of players find RL after RU in new nations, and after getting on with selections, they go back to what they know, and what doesn't cost them dollars and sweat to grow. If the RLIF is not willing to protect a certain number of domestic players for their national teams, then why should they even bother.
  7. So you feel someone who cannot get a passport, cannot work, cannot live in anymore than a tourist, has more credibility to represent a nation because they have one grandparent from it, over someone who has lived in that country for at least 3 years, lives, works, and is actively helping in developing the sport domestically. Heritage players using this rule, can represent a nation without actually having ever set foot in it. What are your ideas of "committed to it?".
  8. So you'll be OK with Bennett filling the England team with Aussies then?
  9. RLEF rules require it for RLEF member nations up until and including qualifiers. The rule does not extend to the RLWC, and there is not rule for any nation who are under the APRLC.
  10. 10,000 and double headers - same is being done in Australia next year. Not sure I see the need for LARGE numbers of overseas fans to make it work at all. How many do you really think are going to go to OZ,PNG,NZ next year? I don't imagine that many on the grand scale. Hosting in the USA does push domestic growth, in the worlds best sports market. What effect will be had on the development levels in AUS, PNG and NZ next year? Will there be any increase in the grass roots from the RLWC? 350 Million vs 30 Million. Big international events in the USA always work. Look at ANY SPORT, who has held a major event in North America and look at the stats.
  11. Over the last 6 weeks I have done a lot of research on all the questions I had myself, when I heard of the 2021 Bid. Here is a video (so you don't have to read it all) that touches on a lot of items I have followed up on to make sure I could truly get behind the bid. Yes they are nothing more than my own thoughts, based on my own research, but for whatever they are worth.......
  12. This is the exact reason I look at the RLWC as being the best opportunity for our sport in North America, and Globally. A RLWC, backed and supported by the RLIF, NRL, RFL, and all the RL nations in the World (As they would once the host location is awarded) would do exactly what the NFL has done in London. The number of comparisons are many, and outcomes similar. Our sport needs to break the current 3 Nation model, and it needs to be done in a way that "forces" the current "power brokers" to support the game outside their own backyards. Hosting in North America would see the NRL, RFL, RLIF, RLEF, etc. all commit to not only recognize the sport beyond their own systems, but actually see them invest in promotion, development, and exposure of the game at its elite level on a Global platform. It lets the World see Rugby League being played in its most entertaining and attractive level. It announces the game as a serious sporting entertainment product, which is what all successful sports are, to millions of potential new fans. This is by far, the best opportunity Rugby League has had in decades to grow on a Global Scale.
  13. I have not seen a date anywhere that is confirmed, and I am sure the RLIF will have some input. But either way, after my initial "reaction" that was due to seeing so many "false hope" ideas on the USA over the last 20 years, I stepped back and actually spend time looking at this objectively. I have tried to shoot holes in the idea. I have tried to find negative sides to it. And yes, I realize there will need to be a return as was the case in 2013 and presumably 2017. And I cannot find any reasons that hosting the RLWC 2021 in the USA (and Canada, which I think is a really smart partner), will do anything other than push RL into a much bigger global market. The opportunity this brings to the game on a Global Scale is huge in every facet. The truth is that the chance to everything surrounding RL and the desire to be global, is just bigger when it includes US TV, Marketing and Sponsor Dollars. The market, domestic and international, is just bigger when backed by US brands, TV, sponsors, etc.
  14. Yes I am certainly back tracking on my thoughts on the time of year. After doing a LOT of research on the concept, cities that could host, TV reach, potential sponsors and marketing, I am 100% in support of the bid. After looking at everything that is available to see, there is actually little, if any, conflict with the NFL or Cities they operate in. My initial reaction was admittedly more that we have heard so called "big ideas" many times before in the USA, and not one of them have got off the ground. I had to remind myself that 1) I had become jaded on such big ideas, and 2) 11 Years ago, many people told myself and others within the Axemen that starting a Rugby League team 600 miles from our closest rival would never work, and we would last 1 season. So after taking a moment to look at this as a big picture concept, and the professional approach, I am convinced it will deliver a LOT for the Global Growth of our sport. And yes I have researched conflicting events in the timeline, what I can find online in each of the mentioned cites during Oct/Nov or 2021, and other international events that are planned already for that time frame, etc. And there is nothing that I can find that will take away from the event. And with 4 years to plan, there is no reason to believe that sponsors, TV and venue support cannot be taken to a new level within the USA. As for the cities, I am sure they are not 100% locked in at this stage, and Jacksonville will have time to present it's case to host a game or two. That I do agree on; It has proven it will support the sport.
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