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  1. Just making the point that Wakey and Bradford are victims of their own pricing folly and could now suffer the consequences of it under the restructuring. I've actually no idea whether Donny could make it as a SL club or not. If we've only enough fans for seven or eight competitive SL clubs then perhaps the RFL might have discovered a way to attract more interest. Shall we wait and see?
  2. Wakefield's were as low as £125 a couple of seasons ago which was a good bit cheaper than Fev's
  3. We only have relegation this season Parky. The effect, or not, on attendances won't be truly evident until 2015, although I do expect Rovers attendances to increase considerably yet again this year
  4. I don't go for excuses Parky, gets you nowhere. Licensing failed spectacularly as the 'dinosaurs' predicted and if the new 2015 system fails as the 'nouveau dinosaurs' predict then I'd expect the RFL to try something else.
  5. Well I asked because I didn't know the answer but I've been in crowds as low as 3000 -7000 at Headingley so it hasn't always been rosey has it? In fact if they were almost relegated one year but for Fev beating Oldham. I also remember The iconic Odsal when little more than 300 were in attendance for a first team game. Times and fortunes change.Let's see what Wakey's crowds are this season now that they aren't doing half price season tickets, forged season tickets and freebies. They've already said the 5300 stadium capacity will be adequate for the first few home games. Using Rovers' cup tie crowds to assess their league potential is ludicrous when even the big guns can't pull them in for such games. Why should Rovers in SL be deemed to only have the potential to attract a few hundred more than they did 20 ago for top flight rugby when the overall trend since SL evolved suggests much greater? Seems a flawed argument to my mind. We're back to P&R with a system which the RFL believe will capture the imagination of RL lovers old and new. Let's give it a chance, you might just be surprised at the outcome.
  6. So what were Leeds averaging at this particular time Parky? It's nearly 20 years since Rovers were in the top flight. How does it have any relevance to what might happen should Rovers join SL sometime in the future or even take the ascendancy in the WMDC area?
  7. I'd have thought they'd start a completely new system as they mean to go on Griff ie league placings. That's entirely what the new structure is based upon.
  8. Well, in a way, but you can't get any higher than the pinnacle of your chosen sport..
  9. I'd say it will be just as meaningful this year as any other Griff with a trophy and cash prize and sod all else.
  10. Attendances did look very good last season for the Wildcats so it's worrying then that apparently they've only sold 2000 season tickets this time against over 4000 last pre season According to some reports on their forum there were lots of free tickets circulating last season as well as some forged season tickets. On top of that season tickets were very cheap, up to half price of normal match day admission prices if bought early enough. The new chairman, who seems to be doing a great job at sorting out the debts, is by the looks of things seeking to apply a more realistic pricing structure as well as cutting down the freebies and abuse. It will be interesting to see how their gates hold up during the coming season. Hopefully those people who benefitted from the good deals previously will have enjoyed it enough to stick with the club.
  11. Keep pipping our lot Parky? They pipped us once in a GF after we had hammered them the year before and we pipped the Eagles for the League leader's trophy last season to make it four in a row. As far as money spent is concerned, well it's not just about on the field is it? There's one or two SL clubs casting an envious eye on the present and future facilities at Post Office Rd.Mark Aston's a shrewd operator though, that's for sure. Close the damned thread now.
  12. Not with you on that one Jon. How will it be any different to what it is now? There's a clear pathway to the top for all if they run their clubs properly and without the need for over spending. Sheffield are a shining example of how to run a club successfully on very limited financial resources.
  13. Absolutely right, Rovers were a shoe in but now they'll have to re-focus on something quite different with perhaps less certainty of the outcome. Nevertheless it will be fascinating to see the intensity of the game as a whole escalate. Really looking forward to it all starting and, regardless of whether Fev get to SL or not, it's going to be fantastic for RL fans at all levels and just what we needed to carry on the momentum from the World Cup.
  14. No Griff, they preferred the other option and voted accordingly but lost. Doesn't mean they couldn't see anything good in the plan which went through.
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