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  1. 14 hours ago, OMEGA said:

    Wakefield Trinity won the Championship Grand Final which was the culmination of a play off tournament whose stated goal was that the winner would gain a Super League place.

    How then did Wakefield “hoodwink” the RFL?

    For the record Wakefield Trinity also won the League Leaders Shield that year and were clearly the best team outside SL and possibly already better than a couple of clubs already in SL.

    The popular urban myth that Wakefield promised a new stadium is just that, a myth it is untrue, a falsehood often quoted by so called fans of the game who are ignorant of the facts.


    We were all told in 1998 to up grade our grounds, Fev did but Wakefield spent it on players, they won the GF and promised to do ground so they could stay in SL, the rest is history. 

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