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  1. Don't see why not, Fev gave them a game last week without four of their best players.
  2. It's not fair on the travelling supporters never mind home ones but Sky aren't bothered about them, only the armchair fans.
  3. Well SL take Sky's money with no problem so that's the nature of the beast Iam afraid!
  4. Iam not saying Ram's won't win (who knows lol) but you can live in hope, got the points at Fev.
  5. No disrespect to Swinton but if we aspire to be top 2 or even 3 we HAVE to beat them at home (surely we've learnt from the Ram's un Raiders defeats?) It's in our own hands as previously stated.
  6. No problem at all but i can recall many committees at Rovers when i was on the supporters club many many moons ago, i had a few run ins with them lol.
  7. We DON'T want it on sky, we wouldn't be any better off, not everyone as sky and like as been mentioned before they wouldn't show it. Terrestrial TV please.
  8. I put it on about the (non) atmosphere at Toronto yesterday but in no way did i slate them and at the end of the day they are in Rugby League now and good luck to them.
  9. Committee? Don't think they've had one of them for years, but i know what you mean.
  10. Wow that many, watching on TV (i know its not the same as being there) but it didn't look that many and where was the noise from the Toronto fan's it seemed really quite to me. I could even hear the car rally more then the crowd, a big well done to all the Rovers fans who went.
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