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  1. Good idea but not if its on the car park, its a disgrace!
  2. Not tonight, Iam a Barnsley supporter need em to beat Luton.
  3. They could have made a decision a while ago it's obvious they don't want promotion and relegation so they should have made it clear. What's point playing behind closed doors in the Championship especially with nothing to play for.
  4. Not on that surface lol.
  5. I can well understand getting fed up and even staying at home but not give up and go to another team, out of the question for 99.9% of supporters surely!
  6. A true supporter would NEVER change teams!
  7. Good idea but they want to get the car park sorted first it's a disgrace!
  8. I went to Huyton away and remember the front of the main stand had school chairs, the players walked across the pitch in a big line looking for broken glass or anything un towards on the pitch AND they locked the gates when the match kicked off. Always stuck in my mind as it was so different to other away games.
  9. Why bother with scrums at all? Complete waste of time.
  10. It's all about opinions which all have lol.
  11. Yeah, we got there in the end lol.
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