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  1. I've read some garbage on here but this takes the biscuit, 1000's of people are dying all over the world and NOT all are over 70!
  2. I enjoyed it this week plenty to mull over (and plenty of time lol). Didn't expect much to read but it was fine.
  3. Glad we had the sense to at least keep him near the corner.
  4. That was a brilliant try and glad it didn't win Northern the game, it was worthy of winning most matches.
  5. One of my favourites is the one by Mick Smith at Wembley 1973 v Bradford Northern (a proper name imo), it was on the credits of Granstand for a few years.
  6. I meant in recent years thank you very much , nowt wrong wi Fev .
  7. If only lol, been wooden spoonists enough
  8. Maybe so but they'll be with their loved ones on home territory.
  9. I wasn't interested in RL but my mates used to bring me programmes, 10 for tanner(2p now) sick of the same programmes after a while i went my self. I got hooked at the game and have been going ever since, 1971 Fev v Hull.
  10. What about all the deaths so far with more to come?
  11. I don't think you realise how serious it is, its sport not life or death, unlike this virus.
  12. It's a contact sport and we can't hug or even shake hands so what's different about playing behind closed doors? There will be more then just players there.
  13. Heres hoping it eventually passes and we can salvage some sort of season but at the moment it's looking extremely bleak.
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