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  1. The RL don't do common sense!
  2. Cheers, didn't read it all with scrolling a bit too fast.
  3. It's not about the night out though is it? What on earth would Sheffield bring with small support and poor ground if any? And this is not a dig at Sheffield.
  4. Rugby League will never be straight forward with the way it's being run a lately.
  5. Given home advantage up but what about gate money?
  6. At least you get a point not like SL.
  7. SL was brought about to compete with Australia - hasn't done much good!
  8. And RL is cleaner then clean? Don't think so!
  9. He only played one game if iam not mistaken, 10 out of 10 goals was it?
  10. Apparently as assistant player coach.
  11. How do the RL/SL expect the media to take us seriously when they don't themselves? Swoping and changing rules far too regularly, telling teams they might not be able to go up, wanting all or most of the money, not being bothered about grassroots level. You're lucky to see RL mentioned on television and most of the papers it's a crying shame compared to Union, i don't know how people can watch it.
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