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  1. 6 hours ago, Hull Kingston Bronco said:

    Earlier wind-ups aside, this is definitely the right way to go. You can do a reasonable amount with £2m and what a rugby league ground needs is the right mix of ‘traditional’ terracing for the long-standing hard core alongside some modern, seated facilities that incorporate Exec boxes and ideally a restaurant “pay by seat” option with a view of the pitch.

    Just one facility like that can be transformative on its own, even if the rest of the ground only gets a lick of paint. 

    I think you'll find that you can't actually do a great deal with £2m. Didn't your North Stand, the sort of thing Cas would need, cost over £8m?

  2. 12 hours ago, voteronniegibbs said:

    If Cas are now to stay at Wheldon Road, I for one would welcome it. If the MDC are willing enough to slope £2million to each of the 3 clubs, and the Junction 32 developers are keen for a quick and easy repurposing of the site without a rugby ground, then the planning permissions for a new Wheldon Road will get nodded through tout suite.

    Maybe when all this is over, Cas will be one of the clubs in a better position to plan for their future. A ground they own and don't lease/pay rent for and land they own and can make revenue from. 

    Depends if Lateral can get any businesses to buy in to a "high-quality employment and commercial development." The didn't have much success with 'high quality' retailers and there isn't exactly a shortage of such sites along the M62 and surrounding areas.

    Also, anyone know what the situation is re land use; I know the Gov approved the retail park but would a change of intended use require a reassessment?

  3. 19 hours ago, POR said:

    It does say   It would support all three clubs to meet the current, and potential future, Rugby Football League (RFL) conditions on stadium facilities so would have thought if RFL says you need AB and C to fulfil such conditions you will be able to use some of the grant to do this 



    Ok, I'll rephrase it, WMDC won't give any of the clubs £2m for nothing (worth noting they mention yearly updates as to how things are progressing). And although £2m won't get you a great deal in terms of ground improvements - Wakey's Donny Rd 'stand' cost them £700k - it looks as though Axiom/Lateral might be stumping up some cash as a bung to enable them to change the plans for a retail park to what sounds like a business park. Wonder how much about that was known before the Resilliance Fund came into being?

    Super League: Castleford Tigers set to focus on Jungle redevelopment and scrap new stadium plans | Rugby League News | Sky Sports

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  4. 18 minutes ago, DoubleD said:

    Looks like Cas may have resigned to staying put at Wheldon Road judging by their statement to this:

    “As part of the club’s long-term plans to improve facilities at our home stadium on Wheldon Road, Castleford Tigers is hopeful of applying for the full £2 million if passed by Wakefield Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday, 29th November.”

    I'm not sure the £2m on offer is intended to (or indeed could) be used for 'stadium upgrades'

  5. 19 hours ago, Wholly Trinity said:

    Leeds was a dump in the 70s, especially the nightlife, where spit and sawdust ruled. It's always been big. The removal of admin from Wakefield made it irrelevant. 

    The police are no longer in the city. The establishment of WMDC and subsequent spreading of funds was another blow to the city.

    Is Leeds more accessible than Wakefield? The city centre road system is terrible. Maybe when the trolley bus opens😉

    Mining closures hit the Wakefield District hard, but Leeds' industrial base was also devastated. 

    I've not been out in Wakefield for 10 years plus, so I don't know the current levels, but driving through on a weekend evening, the streets look pretty dead.

    Wakefield must reinvent itself, but the changes in retail make it an uncertain future. 

    The monorail will be the catalyst to riches.....

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  6. 2 hours ago, The Blues Ox said:

    I think the main advantage that the chasing pack have this season is that they will really only have to cause one close to a major upset to get to SL. Last year not only did they have to go to Fev and win there they also had to then go to France and try and get a win there. This season all I can see is Fev clear top and then about 5 or 6 teams jockeying  for the other positions with any of them capable of beating each other. 

    That also depends on the play off structure and not sure that's been announced yet? 

  7. 23 minutes ago, The Blues Ox said:

    Anyone not thinking Fev are massive favs even with Leigh dropping down are massively out of touch with the Championship in my opinion. Fev are the benchmark that the rest of the teams will be aiming at. 

    Going on your usual prediction accuracy that's Fev fubared then.......😉

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  8. 5 hours ago, sentoffagain2 said:

    Up front loss of £11k guaranteed cash in hand.Just saying with the financial constraints on supporters it is the wrong time to increase prices.We should have increased income last season with the play off matches and game at Wembley.Last year there was no dual reg so we needed extra players to cover that.If we go with one less contracted player the there would be no need to put up prices.Unlike most clubs we own our own ground and do not have to pay rent or match day fees for use.The land was supposed to make us more financially viable but it has gone quiet on that front.Easy to keep putting cost on regular supporter instead of attracting more through the gates that is the easy option.I can afford to pay extra but there will be a few hundred that can't.

    The land will not be sorted for a while yet. The Local Plan was submitted by WMDC to the Government for consideration/approval in May this year but afaik there's no indication of when a decision will be made or announced*. Then there are the needs to find funding and/or a development partner plus planning plus construction, plus tenants......

    Edit * sometime in 2022 is the only info available

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  9. 6 hours ago, plug said:

    Any team that plays late on saturday mid afternoon will have problems at headingley the place is packed anyway with young party go'ers doing the otley run done it a few time myself and come mid afternoon it gets really messy

    So you're suggesting that Blackpool isn't full of non-rugby fans on a bank holiday weekend? 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Sheffield have stated that the stadium is unlikely to be ready before then, hence no home fixtures in the league before that date. When are the cup weekends, Griff?

    Up to R6:

    January 15/16: Challenge Cup Round 1 (26 Community clubs)

    January 29/30: Challenge Cup Round 2 (11 League 1 clubs enter)

    February 12/13: Challenge Cup Round 3

    February 26/27: Challenge Cup Round 4 (14 Championship clubs enter)

    March 12/13: Challenge Cup Round 5

    March 26/27: Challenge Cup Round 6 (11 Super League clubs enter)

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