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  1. Accounts for the second year of their existence due in October. It will be interesting to see how much (more) they 'borrowed' during their L1 sojourn.
  2. So how are we going to decide the make up of these conferences? Geographic location? That could potentially see a conference of Toulouse, London Skolars, West Wales, Coventry and Doncaster. Be some cracking games there.
  3. Roughly 2 miles by road and less as the crow flies.
  4. Sad, sad news. I bet he was on cloud 9 yesterday making his debut. Thoughts with his family, friends and the Club
  5. Some sad news being reported on the main forum that one of your players has been found dead in his hotel room. Hopefully it's not true.
  6. It's taken them nigh on 15 years from starting to approaching completion. Also look at how quickly Lateral/Axiom are getting on with their proposed development.
  7. Sports consultancy, consultancy, property stuff. Several with the same word name but a different number along the lines of Sports 1, Sports 2
  8. Chalmers also runs 11 other businesses out of Odsal as well as the Bulls
  9. There was something odd about the transfer of assets (trophies, web address, intellectual property etc) in that the RFL bought them from the Administrator and then sold them to Bulls 2016. The lease was between the RFL and Bulls 2014 so surely became null and void when that entity stopped trading as a RL team. As I've said several times it's no wonder the ex employees were suing.
  10. Well, Mr Chalmers has 11, or thereabouts, business' other than the Bulls running out of Odsal so who knows?
  11. Yes, my thoughts too. You would have to assume that Bradford will also be paying the match day costs otherwise Dewsbury aren't going to be making much, if anything, out of the deal.
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