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  1. I'd really advise holding your nose or using a peg, when the vet squeezes them....
  2. You know it is basically Sky without the contract? We use it if/when we get special offers (originally got a box to watch catch up on our not so smart TV) and find it absolutely fine to watch. There have been the odd blips with buffering but they've been rare and short lived (on checking usually find it's a known issue at Sky's end that they're working on).
  3. In case anyone has forgotten. Remember to wash your hands.
  4. BOC who've completed a (normally) 12 weeks project to install oxygen tanks at the Excel Centre in 4 days.
  5. I'd be inclined to include Leigh Centurions who aren't giving permission to their overseas players to return home to be nearer family. One has resigned and gone.
  6. Plenty of his 'friends' on FB were congratulating him on telling the truth.
  7. Yeah, but this is their owner's view so not surprising: "In my opinion this Coronavirus is being blown out of all proportion here is my advice before they close the world down and kill off lots of businesses and even countries through lack of trade it’s scaremongery arguably comparative to terrorism. "I am told the virus has an extreme serious affect only on the weak and elderly people with low immune systems respiratory problems and severe illnesses. No more so than pneumonia that has the same risks. The death rate is allegedly around 2% of people known to have been diagnosed with it and allegedly 90% of those have been over 80 years old which would support the above synopsis. It could be argued that the 2% is higher than actual surmised as many people could have had the virus but not reported it or realised it as they are fit and healthy. After all the advice is self isolate so surely many have done that and not reported their illness. It’s the only alleged mass life threatening disease I have heard of (not that I have heard of everything) where you don’t need to go to the doctors or hospital rather just keep yourself to yourself for a fortnight. Many would refer to that as a holiday but I don’t want to make fun of a serious situation. So what is the solution. Ban travel? Cancel sporting events and use of public transport? Shut schools? Think about what this actually does! It shuts down the very existence of the human race. It will kill off businesses and livelihoods not viruses. Could even kill of countries totally dependant on travel and tourism. Take rugby league as an example if all games were played behind closed doors until further notice even without pro rata refunds in season tickets most clubs would go out of business without the income from attendees. So what is a solution? For me self preservation. Let people be accountable for their own protection. Let people decide for themselves whether to travel use public transport or attend sporting events. Let people employed in those areas decide whether to stay at home or go to work. That way THOSE who ARE at high risk can protect THEMSELVES with great ease by staying at home and those who will simply feel a bit offside like having a bad cold can carry on about their business without bringing the country to a halt causing pain and misery to far more people through financial ruin! Just my view but one that if not adopted in part or whole will see a serious affect in the world far more devastating than the virus itself. I am happy for my view to be shared by anyone who feels it ought to be I am also aware many will shoot this down in flames. The choice is yours. The operative word is choice and that is something the scaremongering and proposed actions is removing from us all."
  8. My neighbour returning from work at the local hospital when I shouted through the window to ask 'how's it going?'
  9. My dog once knicked a cheese triangle...….I'll never forget all those little pieces of silver foil in it's poo later on
  10. Sod the karma, the muppet's now possibly also tying up valuable resources that could be used for someone far more deserving of help.
  11. 5 10mins breaks an hour? Wish I had a job like that (In all seriousness though those small breaks and doing something completely different are absolutely vital to keep you going when the pressure's on - great respect from me to all doing their bit to combat this)
  12. Link to (summary of) latest Imperial College publication - full report and others can be accessed from there. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/mrc-global-infectious-disease-analysis/news--wuhan-coronavirus/
  13. Currently I'm a leek millionaire so can afford it and don't care if I inflate prices for the rest of you oiks...
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