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  1. I think it depends on the issuing Local Authority as to the time period between reviews and inspections unless there is an incident, concerns are raised or there are material or use changes when they must be reviewed asap. Certificates are for whole grounds (capacity >10000) or individual stands and can be issued for an indefinite length.
  2. Thanks. Seems the rules re the squad declaration protocol are contained in the Match Day Regulations not the Op Rules. I haven't (yet) found a copy of those......
  3. I know you can't swap players but unsure if you can add without penalty if you initially announce fewer than 21. Unfortunately I can't easily navigate the Op Rules from my phone to check.
  4. Anyone with access to the Op Rules (navigating them on my phone's a nightmare) know if TWP lose an interchange if Greg plays as he wasn't included when a 20 man was initially published on the RFL website on Wednesday? I know swapping players would but unsure if you can add if fewer than 21 are named initially without penalty.
  5. Almost as often as I've questioned your masochistic engagements with Scotchy
  6. I'd suggest you go away and draw up a draft set of fixtures with 13 teams, Magic and 3 loop fixtures to see how it would pan out....
  7. So how do they play their 25th game without one of the other 12 playing their 26th?
  8. Selling BV wouldn't raise enough to pay off the mortgage! And there wouldn't be a great deal left from the sale of WR after paying back the Fultons.
  9. Except for the fact neither has 'a pot to' to fund a shared stadium.....
  10. Part of the 'plan' is to modify the motorway junction/roundabout (it was an insistence by Highways England I believe to prevent traffic queuing on the motorway) although as with all things like this within a couple of years at most it'll almost certainly be unable to cope with the inevitable increased traffic - nor mitigatigate for the 'full to capacity' road southwards to Pontefract until the plan to solve that problem is completed! There is also the issue of lack of included parking for the stadium. The original submission suggested that the Xscape car park could be used, but not surprisingly that didn't go down well with the owners! AFAIK neither Cas nor the developer have yet published any pictures showing what the new stadium will look like since the original artist's impression of the development when first mooted. In fact I'm not sure the Club actually know what they're getting outside a description on paper.
  11. They could well have loaned him out to reduce their aggregate sc payments - he's effectively treated as a permanent transfer for the purpose of added liability during the loan (whether we're paying none, some or all of his salary).
  12. The HIA test is based on current best practice and is not necessarily a straightforward pass or fail - the medical examiner should also know the player fairly well in order to spot any behavioural changes that may point to (possible) brain injury. Allowed return after a head injury is on an individual basis based on regular assessment. If Wilkin is/was being prevented from playing then he's clearly failing the assessment to show he's recovered. ...
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