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  1. Remembered a few more: Keegan Hirst Wake to 'fax Ben Hellewell London to Leigh Sam Barlow to 'fax (trial)
  2. Don't mock, times must be harder than I thought over at Odsal Dewsbury. They have added that Craig Hall might be on a par..........
  3. Matty Wildie Bulls to Leigh Shaun Pick Sheffield to Batley Jason Walton to Dewsbury James Thornton to Dewsbury Will Sharp 'fax to York (Chris Annakin Wake to Dewsbury)
  4. Wonder what's changed since his interview in 2010 after he'd just signed for the NZRU when he said: "I'm coming home to pursue my childhood dream and work towards an All Blacks Jersey" ? https://www.guelphmercury.com/news-story/2728907-league-convert-sonny-bill-williams-signs-for-nz-to-pursue-all-blacks-dream/
  5. Of course it was....... In 2010 on signing for NZRU he said: "I'm coming home to pursue my childhood dream and work towards an All Blacks Jersey."
  6. Workington and (I think) N Wales aren't entering either. The rules allow opting out of this whereas member clubs of the RFL are obliged to enter all other competitions for which they are eligible.
  7. Except for Bradford, Leigh, Whitehaven and Widnes who will still be playing GF and EM!!!
  8. Bradford, Leigh, Whitehaven and Widnes are still playing Friday/Monday/Sunday!
  9. All quite bizarre since there are still going to be 2 fixtures on the Easter Monday! I'm assuming the free weekend of 23rd Feb will be for R4 of the CC, details for which are announced tomorrow I believe?
  10. "We would like to thank Leeds Rhinos for the favourable gate share arrangement they have proposed to the Rams."
  11. That would then mean Toulouse having to stay in the UK for 5 or 6 nights and then fly back to France for their home fixture the following Sunday. Why there has to be a midweek fixture at all is the real question!
  12. Odd choice of days for the 2 fixtures. The Friday night'll knock a few off those travelling across the Pennines, whereas it'd make little difference to the away following for the other.
  13. and another..... We'd been planning a bit of a French tour to include the Toulouse game but that date's kyboshed that plan
  14. Better than proposing fast tracking Timbuktu Tornados to SL though?
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