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  1. We've had (at least, I've probably missed a caretaker) 10 since Powell left in May 2013: Sheridan, Evans, Long, Bastian, Hay, Sharp, Duffy, Carr, Webster, MacDermott.....
  2. Couldn't undo the buttons on my jumper so tried pulling it over my head but got it stuck. Now sitting in A&E waiting to see a cardyologist.
  3. "Help! I can't get my jogging trousers off!" "We'll have to perform an emergency trackybottomy"
  4. Yep. I'm finding it funny that some are talking as though the previous licencing period was a golden age for the sport.
  5. Yep, although there's a good argument that any club not having 1st use of their stadium should mean that they can't get an A in that category.
  6. The proposed criteria haven't been published (nor I believe even communicated to the clubs) yet never mind agreed and voted on. Someone's stirring.
  7. Where please? Afaik no details have been published or mentioned on what the grading will involve
  8. The OLP doesn't meet the minimum capacity requirements for the Championship (or a few other things I'd imagine): currently it's 1300ish with 780 seats - and if/when fully developed (3900 capacity and still I think only 780 seats) wouldn't reach SL standard. As well as the obvious floodlight situation I'm fairly sure our own stadium has some shortfalls wrt minimum SL standards too.
  9. Capacity reported to be 10.2k in a few places but actual number immaterial in this. I had a quick look at the Facility Standards earlier and they appear less rigorous than I thought they were (I've an old copy from 2016 somewhere that I'll try and check if I have time.....and remember!) and SL min capacity is 5k with 2k seats! Championship is 2k with 500 covered seats (the OLP doesn't meet this) and L1 1k with 300 covered seats.
  10. All Grade As are guaranteed to be in SL Edit 2 posts in 1!
  11. Wakefield were in SL for the whole of the previous licencing period and spent essentially sod all on their ground - they would have missed out on the second term if CC had not gone to the wall yet they still didn't respond by investing in their ground during the following years. So as not to appear biased this also applies to another club in the WF district....
  12. A Facilities Standard document already exists setting out the minimum stadium requirements for all 3 'pro' levels. If a stadium doesn't meet all of the SL requirements it shouldn't get a Cat A rating.
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