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  1. The 2008 Finals Day was a triple header with Cas, Widnes, Fev and Oldham as the 4 'pro' clubs involved. Fev Lions were also playing, but their opponents escape my ageing memory.
  2. Not sure I'm worried too much about the goal kicking, seemed everyone and his dog was given a go
  3. The last 'final' at a neutral venue was I believe the 2015 Championship Shield Final between Fev and London, held at Widnes with an attendance of around 4000. Swinton and Keighley also played for the 2nd promotion spot to the Championship.
  4. If Noble's name gets mentioned (he and Vickers seem to follow each other around) then really start worrying.....
  5. Yes, and up to 2 RFL sanctioned games (at the same level the suspension was incurred) can count against the length of ban.
  6. Has Championship RL been taken out of the 'elite sport' category? I know there was talk of the RFL suggesting/proposing it were but haven't seen anything to confirm one way or the other.
  7. Rare bird: 'Half-male, half-female' cardinal snapped in Pennsylvania - BBC News
  8. The pitch behind The Jube is nowt to do with Fev.
  9. Got alerted to this earlier today.
  10. Draw an iceberg and see how it will float..... Iceberger (joshdata.me)
  11. Given how unreliable (basically unwatchable) I've found the OurLeague stream to be on most occasions I've tried in the past, they're going to have to seriously up their game to get folk paying regularly.
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