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  1. 278 - home team gets 90% and away team 10% of revenue from passes sold according to Kevin Nicholas' post from April
  2. Actually home team get 90% of revenue from passes sold (away team 10%) so need to sell 278 to break even
  3. Clubs have to pay the cost of streaming themselves. They need to sell enough passes to meet those costs (or make a profit) - I've seen estimates of ca£1250 per game so 250 to break even.
  4. I'd assume the ball was stolen after the tackle was complete to prevent advantage from the break which is, as stated in the minutes, a 'professional foul' punishment for which is a sin-binning.
  5. All it shows is how easily transmittable it is. Maybe halftime team talks, for example, should be done over Zoom?
  6. Companies House records that there is only ONE shareholder at YCK and he is not a Campbell. As far as I can see the Campbell's have never owned shares in YCK so how they apparently own half of the club is a mystery. Biggest (B) shareholder is Probiz with 30,000 (or ca46% of the total). On the income front, the Club also get rental from office/land space and (in non Covid times) room hire for functions, meetings etc.
  7. That's probably the worst news I've heard coming out of the Club for a long while
  8. Although it is possibly getting silly now (note the last sentence of the article) https://www.rugby-league.com/article/35514/toulouse-olympique-versus-bradford-bulls-cancelled Edit: just noticed POR already flagged this
  9. And the fact that we have 2 interchangeable top class (at this level) hookers is a great advantage over most other teams
  10. I've walked in the Dales for many years (although nowhere near as often as I'd have liked in recent years) but never seen oystercatchers there before - probably shows how hard I've been looking (in fact it was Mrs S who spotted them)! We passed a sign pointing to JBP's favourite pub although we refreshed at The White Lion in Cray.
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