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  1. Played against us too - was still a tackling machine then
  2. Leigh website showing penalties as 5-4 but as I said only one that actually matters......
  3. TRL reporting that he has signed for Leigh as one of their FT players for next season. https://www.totalrl.com/leigh-centurions-snap-up-super-league-talent-for-2020/
  4. Some interesting stats from the game, other than the only one that really matters, the final score: (Leigh figure 1st) Metres - 1239 882 Carries - 167 143 Tackles - 288 337 Offloads - 8 11 Penalties - 8 10 Breaks - 7 2
  5. Albert is definitely a loan, not DR, with a recall clause after 28 days, although I'd be very surprised if Leeds exercised that option now.
  6. I didn't actually look at the picture posted but they must have added that in since first publishing (probably after the July statement) as I'm absolutely certain it wasn't there at first which has caused all the confusion.
  7. Dug this out: From 10th July https://www.totalrl.com/championship-grand-final-to-be-held-at-highest-placed-side-as-rfl-clarify-position
  8. That picture is, to be frank, tosh and the reason for the confusion. A footnote to the effect that the highest placed team would be at home in all games was all that was needed.
  9. Not necessarily. The final is played at the home ground of the team that finished HIGHEST in the league at the end of the regular season. Game D is TWP v TO. If TWP lose they play the winner of York v Fev the following week and if they win they will play at home in the final against TO. It's all in the Operational Rules and the RFL confirmed that to be the case several weeks ago.
  10. Finish 1st and you are guaranteed 2 home games (max 3 if you make the final after losing 1st game) 2nd guaranteed 1 home game (max 2 if you reach the final and 1st don't) 3rd no guaranteed home games (max 1 which would be the final if either 4th or 5th also make it) 4th guaranteed 1 home game only 5th 0 home games
  11. Although the hearing has been adjourned for a few weeks rather than ended to allow a possible appeal.
  12. For the umpteenth time, the rules were set out before the season started and I don't remember any complaints from either fans or clubs at the time.
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