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  1. It's never really been used by Bulls' fans. They're all on the RLfans forum
  2. Ah Castleford, literally looking to box tick to gain an extra point by 'investing in their ground' in a way that will make the spectator experience worse.....
  3. Well. I for one have stopped looking at other clubs' websites and SM so as to not boost their 'engagement' numbers.....
  4. Yep. At the start of the season all those hits would have likely received bans but as with most 'clampdowns' in RL they soon disappear into the mists of time....
  5. That's good. I thought Joey might have picked up a ban for his off the ball tackle and, from only seeing it live, whoever it was who hit Lacans late.
  6. Not yet. Powell arriving is dependent on the takeover that for months now has only been a week or so away actually going through.
  7. Been pootling around the Cap d'Agde and Occitanie regions of France for the last week and was delighted to see around a dozen storks yesterday evening as we travelled back to our base on the train.
  8. When there was the proposal to build a supermarket to fund their move to the original Glasshoughton site I'm fairly sure when the flood risk came up the developer expressed surprise that the land was at risk of flooding (made me wonder whether they'd ever looked at a map of the area) and stated that the mitigations required would make the development unprofitable?
  9. I think you've answered the question as to why Wakefield are looking (under Carter at least) to run with a small squad next season - they will have already seen provisional scores for every club. Also on the subject of finances, as you say it's difficult for the fans to draw conclusions from the limited information published in the accounts of most clubs eg the new Bradford Bulls company have now published 3 sets of accounts and they all contain identical (nice round) numbers. Now I'm no accountant but that seems a little bit odd....
  10. You gain very few points on the scoring criteria for improving fan experience, unless they are in hospitality or watching on TV. Also eg why are 30 (+20 overflow!) places needed for journalists when I doubt more than 4 ever turn up at any game?
  11. (Although unlikely) Under the IMG system a team could win both the SL GF and CC and be replaced in SL the following season by a team from the Championship, or even L1.....
  12. The takeover has been going through in the next week or two for getting on for 6 months now.....
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