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  1. Theres a gang of rugby lads from ackworth in tweed jackets and old style flat caps . should be interesting!!!!!.

    Don,t know if they are bringing any whippets(are they aloud on the buses?), but i know they will shout loud and proud for the lads plus drink a few pints come on rovers


  2. This is my first post for some time, but I do read the forum almost daily.

    I just wanted to say thanks to the players, BOD, volunteers and everyone else associated with the running of the club for providing us with the opportunity to get a bit giddy and excited at the moment. It promises to be a fantastic weekend for the flatcappers, and one we'll remember for a while to come.

    Also just to say a big thanks to the late Tony Kenney, who if I remember correctly helped to start the rebuilding process and kickstart the club with the formation of the Friends of Featherstone.

    The futures bright, its FEV blue and white.

    Here ,Here Come on rovers you can do it.


  3. i bought my tickets early friday and there was nothing in the club house,

    but im not just talking about grand final stuff.

    when you go to the supermarket do you buy exactly what you need then come home, i doubt it. its an opportunity to sell anything fev while people are waiting.

    not a dig at the club, just a an opportunity missed i feel

    too many people get too defensive. instead of thinking sensibly.

    ive hardly missed a game all season :). im not talking about me im talking about the people who haven't been all season and have just noticed theres a cup final. there the ones fev should be taking advantage of, the ones who may see the shirts i mentioned for the first time and think "wow they're nice, im having one of those"

    fts fev get crowds of between 1000 and 2000 and your all taking about taking 4000 fans, theres a few extra sales there.

    I can understand where you are coming from but with the club changing supplier it would have been a big gamble to keep old stock.


  4. Nail on the head Phil, I have bought my season ticket and I work evenings, but as you say when I do go I will be watching a quality team, that I know I have done my bit towards.

    i,m in the same boat as i work shifts but you can miss, i think 3 games and you still break even.plus great not having to sort cash for the home games.


  5. Great u lads going to support the team but was talking in the club house and the wires staff run a zero tolerance on being too drunk, so take it steady and we will cheer the lads to victory.

    ROVERS ROVERS B) and the game kicks off 5.30pm

  6. I saw the attendance of Wigan v Leeds from yesterday, it made me :rolleyes:

    Wigan Average atendance for the 13 home games this season (ignoring Murryfield): 15,723

    Wigan v Leeds Play-off game: 9,987 :lol:

    Now I didn't see the game yesterday, but I suspect that there were not may empty seats out of a possible capacity of 25,138.

    For me the Rugby League has to find out some way of sorting out the attendances for all shared gates before we end up with just 1 man and his dog turing up for challenge Cup games and the like (in the official attendance figures). B)

    Saw game ,about 2 to 2500 leeds fans 7000 wigan fans i don,t think so but it looked smaller than there league games


  7. Annoys me a bit when people go on about the people who only turn up for finals, they dont, i organised a bus to Warrington for the cup game and many people though because they didnt recognise the faces they were 1 game wonders, they wernt most of them do 3/4 games a season. People think we have 2k regulars but we dont i reckon we have about 4/5 k that attend some every week some occasionaly but obviously they will all want to go to a final and they have as much right as anyone else, we are not a local club for local people, if we think like that we will never get anywhere

    here ,here

    We need every voice shouting fev new or old because we trying to build the crowd so we don,t loose are best players.


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