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Found 22 results

  1. Since we are coming to the end of this campaign, who do you think will be retained from the present squad? Some will argue it depends which division we are in but I'd like to have a squad that will win every game in division 1 and holds its own in the championship. I'm sure other teams are putting their 2024 squads together as we speak.
  2. jroyales

    Just Chat

    I've noticed like others that we often go off at a tangent, so I thought let's have a chat page. My chat is, on Sunday at the game I was talking to Sean Whitehead about Blackpool Borough and we couldn't remember the name of their ground. And last night at about 5am I started to think about all of the great Rugby grounds, with memories, that have now gone. Beginning with Watersheddings.
  3. Last chance to move onto the next round. NWC seem to be hitting form just as we have lost ours. It will be interesting how many turn up after the Doncaster debacle. Sadly, I can't be there, I've got to find something to do.
  4. The season started brilliantly, the Yeds scoring for fun with free flowing rugby the likes of we hadn't seen for years. I feel this was down to Littler and his coaching team. The wheels fell off the waggon when Paga was suspended and Littler was sacked. Our game changed completely into the dreaded one man rugby evidenced over the years. It makes you wonder were we would have finished in the league if we had started the way we finished losing to near bottom teams and nearly to Rochdale. All I can hope for is for all the talk about players coming in, and taking the division by storm comes to fruition.
  5. Hope for a bit of luck in the fourth time of asking. Are there any coaches going and if so what time are they leaving Oldham, and from where?
  6. I've spoken to several people about how the play offs work and I am still none the wiser. Does anyone know how it works?
  7. jroyales


    It's sad to hear so many bad comments about Littler. His team, this season, have been playing some of the best rugby I have seen for many a year. I feel the wheels fell off the wagon when Paga was suspended. He created the link between forwards and backs, he was the first man so enabling Rydyard to play his game he also, on many occasions caused panic in defences. The draw and loss against Dewsbury and losses against Doncaster were wins and it was poor game management that lost and drew those games - it wasn't Littler's. Yesterday's game wasn't his fault. He, again didn't have a scrum half, he didn't get two players sin binned, he didn't have players making wrong choices and he wasn't in control of Hunslet's spoiling tactics ignored by the ref. With Paga or Sheridan in the side, we wouldn't be having this discussion. With a full squad with Littler we would have been pushing for automatic promotion.
  8. Has anybody heard anything about who might be with us next season?
  9. Lots of rumours flying around in Oldham that Littler HAS been signed up as your coach for next season. Anything from your side would help clear up some of these rumours. As an aside how is Mr Hamilton doing? Hopefully more than he did for us.
  10. Congratulations on a great win. All the best at Wembley. Hopefully better than last time - a painful memory!
  11. Looking forward to coming over on Friday. It's a shame we will be without of our two form players for this game. Suspended for one game by a Dewsbury ref. Coming over on a Friday night isn't the best due to the traffic. What's the best route at that time?
  12. jroyales


    Hoping for a full house and what should be a great game. A lot depends, as usual, how the referee performs - we haven't had the rub of the green in our last two games - same referee!!
  13. Looking forward to the first real game of the season. Let's hope we get back last week's missing players and better the Hairnets 46 - 6 against them. Is this the last game in Whittle's suspension?
  14. THE game is almost here and nothing has been said from both sides of the frontier! If the Lads play half as good as they did on Sunday they'll score 50.
  15. Looking at the bans the two Oldham players got, Cameron eight matches and Whittel four and none of the Rochdale players got anything stinks of an injustice to the Oldham Club. Anyone who was there saw Chase start the fracas, the pathetic water carrier compounding it and the melee that ensued. Surely, the body that looked at the video must have seen the same! If they did how can they penalise one and not the other? CH, I hope, will appeal on those grounds - BUT WILL HE?
  16. jroyales


    Shame there had to be a loser today. Your defence was awesome for the full 80 minutes. Can I wish you all at Hunslet a good break and a better season next year.
  17. jroyales


    Since nobody else has started a Doncaster topic I thought I'd get the ball rolling. Play like they did in the second half last week I'd be happy to get away with 80 start.
  18. There seems to be very little evidence reading the national papers or on the television that the RL world cup is taking place this year. All we hear is constant references to the RU world cup in 2023! Surely. there must be someone at RL headquarters responsible for promoting our RL world cup.
  19. Since nothing is being posted, I was just wondering if the law Cup game is on. If so, when? I know we have one friendly against Wakefield followed by the challenge cup game. Just watched the try compilation from the 88 - 89 season, on Youtube, what a great side we had. I'm sure it said there were 4,600 watching the Yeds playing Keighley.
  20. Wishing everyone associated with Oldham Roughyeds a Fantastic Christmas and a better 2022.
  21. Did the meeting take place on Tuesday? I can't find any evidence that it did.
  22. I know this topic has been hammered - but the question still exists "what next for our great club?" CH talks about not knowing what is going to happen, surely he should know! We the supporters should be shown a little more respect, sadly this has never been his forte. I fear with CH hoping this will be ok will be the death knell.
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