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Found 18 results

  1. What can Diskin do to change things around with the players he's got? I have been told the bar will be open.
  2. Could this be the turning point of our season? Just lets hope we can get a decent side out this weekend. Does anybody know where I can get tickets to get in and will we let it Widnes supporters?
  3. Every game we get another injury. At the moment I haven't a clue who is fit and who is injured or who can't play for whatever reason. If anyone knows anything could they post it on this page.
  4. We must have a great chance of winning this one after the great win against Halifax and a good game against London. Just hope we don't have any more injuries - Hewit didn't look too good when he went off.
  5. In every game we are getting better and with a couple of old heads returning to the side I can see us beating 'fax. I would stick with Green at the back and bring Gregory on after 20 mins - he always makes a massive impact when he comes on. Just a wild thought, play both Langers and Bridge in the centres.
  6. How many. if any, players will we have back? We can't afford another embarrassing defeat like last week. I hope Diskin has read the riot act about the number of penalties we gave away so giving them field position and even more possession. If he hasn't and we are thread bare again, can we say we can't fulfil the fixture and lose by 24 like London did last weekend?
  7. Well we have had two friendlies now the fun really starts! According to the press, Barrow haven't had ant pre-season games which should suggest we are better placed. It will be very interesting what team Diskin puts out. Theoretically, it has to be his strongest side with the forced omissions of Leaming and Joy. But will he? He can't afford to lose to Barrow but he can't continue tinkering with his side either. The new season begins the week after, so he must have a settled side for Swinton, again a game against a side we can't afford to lose against.
  8. When do you think next season's fixtures will be published? Want to sort out my trip to Toulouse.
  9. All other sports are being talked about except for Rugby League. Does anyone know if this season is over or if not when will it restart.
  10. With a squad so small any injury will cause us problems. We started the season with only 17 fit players out of a squad of 21. The Yeds give everything they had against Widnes and there were lots of battered bodies after the match. My biggest concern is Bridges, he looked in a lot of pain when he came off. If he is out we are down to only 16 battered players to face Toulouse.
  11. I would like to wish all forum writers and readers a Fantastic Christmas and Better New Year. Living in hope we do the business this year - I feel Wembley in my bones!
  12. We are coming over for the game. Which is the best hotel that is near to the ground?
  13. I might have missed something but I haven't seen anything about where we are playing next season and who will be our new coach. Rumour as it Matt Diskin for coach and there has been talk about FC United's ground down at the end of Broadway as our ground. Obviously, Stalybridge has been mentioned has as Boundary Park.
  14. Watching RL the game has become so predictable. The Lions/NZ game emphasised the point. Six tackles and then a kick. A "tactic" used in all RL games. We criticise RU because of its non-stop kicking sadly we are just as bad, if not worse! Watching some of the RUWC games it was interesting to see how they build up attacks, agreeably slowly, but they had the time to do it - they call them "phases." I am not advocating a return to unlimited possession but anything to stop six tackles and then a kick. A possible solution could be having ten tackles. This could give sides more time to buil
  15. Is there a video of The Final that I can get my hands on? Couldn't see the last two Oldham tries.
  16. Now the hard work begins - staying up! Hope the present team will stay together and with a few new faces we should be ok.
  17. The first schism was a breakaway from the power mad brokers down south who weren't prepared to support the full sport. They looked after their own interests and damned the rest. This is exactly what SL are proposing when they take over the Sky money. They want to keep it all and the Championship and League 1 can go to the wall. SL seem to think that they deserve the money, what they don't realise is that when Sky pulls out they will also be damned because their attendances won't be adequate to run a professional club - with the exception of one or two with money men behind them. The time
  18. We have a great chance to either be champions or to go up through the play-offs. My question is, if we do go up where will we play? Again the rumourmongers are putting it about that Bower Fold won't have us back due to unpaid bills. BP apparently is out for the same reason. That leaves us with????????????????????????/////
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