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  1. mbrooksy are you saying we are DR with the Saints?
  2. and fit into a medium sized shirt. (Wouldn't we all.)
  3. All the same you Lancy lads always think you're slimmer than you really are. Surprised you didn't try squeezing into a medium size!!
  4. jroyales

    Dual Reg.

    We need 13 players from anywhere - DR with Rochdale?
  5. jroyales

    The Law Cup

    Any idea what the penalty count was?
  6. jroyales

    The Law Cup

    It's going to be a long hard season. On that performance I can't see us winning a game. We didn't have a forward that could break a tackle, there wasn't a game plan it looked as though they were just playing off the hoof, their try before half time was an embarrassment, one that any club at any level would have been ashamed to have conceded. Rochdale deserved the win and all the best to them. Oldham need to take a long hard look at themselves and apologise to the large following that paid good money to watch garbage. People will be saying it was only a friendly or I'm a doom and gloom merchant, if that's the case please give one good reason for optimism. We have no money and in my opinion a weaker side than last year - and that includes the coach.
  7. jroyales

    The Law Cup

    Whatever you do it's always quality and well appreciated. Look forward to seeing you at the games.
  8. jroyales

    Law Cup

    Looking forward to the crac. Can't see the Yeds losing - but who knows! All the best for your season ahead - it can't be any worse than last year.
  9. jroyales

    The Law Cup

    Looking forward to the battle with the Hairnets. Always a great day out with lots of incidents notably amongst the specys. Can't see us losing, in fact I never see us losing against them.
  10. Great analysis as usual. Just a thought could you add try and goal scorers?
  11. From an Oldham fan. All the best for the coming season, can't see why you won't be there or there abouts at the end of the season. I wish we had Forster he was by far the best forward on the day. Also, well done to the lads who did the coverage on live. Sky needs to watch out - the next Hemmings/Stevenson combo!
  12. jroyales

    Dual Reg.

    Just hope we don't need them.
  13. Hope and pray that we all have a fantastic 2020. The challenge for clubs like ours are enormous yet we always come out smiling and I can't see this campaign being any different. A thought to those great supporters and characters who passed away last year. I'm sure they will be there with us in spirit.
  14. jroyales

    Dual Reg.

    With our strong links with both St Helens and Salford, doesn't it make sense that we DR with one of them?
  15. Where is he from and how old is he?
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