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  1. jroyales


    So much depends upon this game. We can't give these 20 points start and hope to claw it back - we have to be up for it from the start and then keep it up as we finished last week, in total command. Langers must be all over Chase from the start as he did last week on Thunder's stand off. Once he was nullified they were clueless. Looking forward to it and I hope for a 24-12 win. I
  2. I'd give it to Crook. He knows the club and importantly the players know him. He reads the gave as well as anyone else, has the experience and I'm sure if he needed any advice Nobby would be there for him. To bring someone in who doesn't know the history of our club would be, in my opinion, the death knell of Oldham.
  3. Get Bowman at looseforward so as to take some of the pressure of the halves. At the moment we are too predictable in attack.
  4. All the best to you and your missus. I'm sure you will listen to the games from the top end of the championship and Wembley on OCR on the www. Rumour has it that Greece is just like Shaw on a warm day without Witherspoons!!
  5. It goes without saying that the Newcastle and Doncaster games are the biggest of the season. The club must promote both as such. They need to get posters or similar out to all the rugby clubs and other clubs, the press and the community radios. It's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed
  6. jroyales


    Hope so. The game against Wales showed we lacked size and someone who could break tackle so setting Langtree free. Oldham worked extremely hard to stop their big forwards but they can't keep doing it.
  7. jroyales

    Home win

    I must have been watching the wrong game! This game was a great advert for RL with both teams refusing to give the other anything and both sides giving everything. The try of Kershaw has to be one the best tries I've seen scored for a very long time at any level - well worth the entrance money alone. With due respect to Clifford he needs to watch the game and how the game unfolds and to give credit to the rugby Wales produced rather than expecting Oldham to dominate from the first to the last minute. It was great to see the Yonners clap Wales off at the end and you could see they really appreciated it. Promotion is still in our grasp - beat Newcastle and I feel we are up with the big boys.
  8. jroyales


    Sad to read that the club have released Nelmes from his contract. He was the perfect replacement for Ward and we don't now have any impact forwards coming off the bench. It was interesting to read SN's reflection on the game at Whitehaven saying one of the main contributory factors we lost is because was "we were short of forward power!" Then they release Nelmes. Just what is going on?
  9. The rumourmongers suggest there has been a fallout with he who must be obeyed. Nowt to do with weight. Unless Nelmes asked him where all the pies have gone!
  10. When sooperdooperleague get full control of all the money, sadly that will be the demise of lots of clubs.
  11. I didn't get to Whitehaven but reading the posts we can't close games down when we have been in the lead with only minutes to go, is it 4 games this season that has happened? Also, I made a comment about the West Wales side saying we should have scored 100+, rightly said by 34 they tackled really well, they did, but it was made easy for them trying to drive through the middle with a very light pack. Once we threw the ball about we scored. Bent is definitely one of the best tacklers I have seen in 60 years of watching Oldham, but we need more flair at loose forward. I would try Bowman there with Brook and Hewitt with Wilkinson for the first half - we would rip any side apart with our outside backs and second row. Sadly, we are now three points behind top spot and Newcastle are above us. I can see Newcastle becoming champions, as the RFL want, with Whitehaven coming second and beating us again at their place to take the second place in the championship. The thought of another season in this division with falling gates doesn't bode well for the future of the club. I hope I am wrong but you can't be forever the eternal optimist - reality will always bite you on the bum!
  12. jroyales

    West Wales

    Sadly, with more enthusiastic attacking and better control of the ball we should have scored 100+ today. There were long periods of time when the game was so boring it was like watching the women's world cup. Before anyone jumps in I know you can only play against what is in front of you but we missed a great opportunity to have really increased our for/against balance. I feel for sides like West Wales, turning up week after week and being slaughtered but that's the nature of professional sport, there can't be any sympathy for any side. Wouldn't it be sad if points difference is the difference at the end of the season and we don't go up!
  13. We have a great chance to either be champions or to go up through the play-offs. My question is, if we do go up where will we play? Again the rumourmongers are putting it about that Bower Fold won't have us back due to unpaid bills. BP apparently is out for the same reason. That leaves us with????????????????????????/////
  14. This conspiracy theory has been bandied about since the closure of Watersheddings yet neither protagonists have replied to the accusation.
  15. If the club has no value, what is stopping a coup to replace CH?
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