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  1. Sadly, Hewitt never really fulfilled the promise he showed in his first season with us. Sheffield saw his potential and like I said it never materialised. Besides that, we need a new and different player at 7.
  2. One of the comments was about getting more people playing. Schools no longer play rugby, and the amateur game is struggling with summer rugby. It finds it hard to compete with everything else that goes on in summer. So why not let the amateur game revert to winter - let's be honest our winters are just cold summers. With regards to the "new" idea, it didn't work before, and I can't see it working now. It's like the recent budget "money for the big boys and stuff the rest."
  3. All the best for the off-season and I hope you can hold on to some of your quality players for next season.
  4. It's a good job there are people around to put us straight BSJ. Just give us something to look forward to for next season!
  5. All gone quiet. Are we, yet again, waiting for all the decent players to be signed up than we take what's left? If all the sounds are correct about changes to the divisions, 23 - 24 is a massive season for us. If we just leave it i.e., signing players for next year, we could be out of semi-professional rugby altogether.
  6. Looking at the bans the two Oldham players got, Cameron eight matches and Whittel four and none of the Rochdale players got anything stinks of an injustice to the Oldham Club. Anyone who was there saw Chase start the fracas, the pathetic water carrier compounding it and the melee that ensued. Surely, the body that looked at the video must have seen the same! If they did how can they penalise one and not the other? CH, I hope, will appeal on those grounds - BUT WILL HE?
  7. jroyales


    Excellently put Roughyed Rat.
  8. TS's comments are rather disturbing. He's suggesting because our great game is brutal, we don't need rules. Pushing players off the ball is against the rules - unless you're Chase. Like Oldham 123 says he enjoys breaking the rules and getting away with it. Glad to see Fui's ban has been overturned after reviewing the video. It's a shame the video viewer didn't give the ban to Chase and the cowardly water thrower should have had his ban increased - if he was banned!
  9. BUT Chase started it and got away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. To our "close" neighbours all the best against the Crusaders and who knows you might even make it to the promised land - for one season and then back to the derbies!
  11. These penalties back up what a few of us have said the referee was out of his depth and if he, as I am led to believe, put his report in to get these penalties, validates the referee being a homer. We stood little chance of getting a result. That said all the best to our "close" neighbours against the Crusaders.
  12. If what you are saying is true RR, it will mean Warrington and Toulouse will drop into SL2, to be joined with Leigh, Featherstone, Halifax, Barrow, Batley, York, Widnes and Sheffield. Division 3 (if that is what it could be called and again 10 sides) will consist of Keighly, Swinton, Crusaders, Doncaster, Bradford, Whitehaven, London Broncos, Newcastle, Dewsbury, Workington. Oldham, Rochdale and Hunslet with the rest of League 1 won't be part of the new set up unless they create a fourth division! Cause for concern if that is being mooted.
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