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  1. The signings so far are what I was hoping for. One of the mails talked about getting a player that "puts bums on seats". I remember David Liddiard who did just that. Whenever he got the ball something happened, Charlie McAllister was the same. Having watched the GBLions against PNG, ALL of the PNG players did the same - something was going to happen whenever they had the ball. What are the chances of trying to get one if not two PNG players into our squad? It's worth going for because I'm sure they would love playing over here and with a club like ours.
  2. The shortage of players and the dependence on overseas players sits squarely at the RL management door. Summer rugby has reduced the number of lads playing the game at grassroots. In my playing day all amateur clubs had two teams, some had three, now in summer with all of the other things going on, clubs are struggling to field one side. Also, SL aka Sky will be cutting funding to grassroots rugby so reducing the number of players even more! I feel for Bennett having to field a competitive side with very limited resources.
  3. Who has £5 million to spare!
  4. Watching RL the game has become so predictable. The Lions/NZ game emphasised the point. Six tackles and then a kick. A "tactic" used in all RL games. We criticise RU because of its non-stop kicking sadly we are just as bad, if not worse! Watching some of the RUWC games it was interesting to see how they build up attacks, agreeably slowly, but they had the time to do it - they call them "phases." I am not advocating a return to unlimited possession but anything to stop six tackles and then a kick. A possible solution could be having ten tackles. This could give sides more time to build an attack. Another suggestion could be limiting the kicking to certain areas of the pitch. Something must be done to make the game more exciting and less boring due to its predictability.
  5. What are the chances of getting Kieran Gill back at the club?
  6. Who is staying and who is definitely going and to where - if anyone knows!
  7. Is there a video of The Final that I can get my hands on? Couldn't see the last two Oldham tries.
  8. One of the greatest problems facing ORLFC is the total demise of schools playing rugby. When I was teaching every secondary school had a team, there was a town team that all the lads wanted to play for, there was a county side and to top it all a national schoolboys side. What do we have now - nothing w33 Back to the original post the argument about playing on the "rugby" side of the town is a sound one. I have advocated for a long time about the building of a community stadium on the old Higginshaw gasworks site - it's massive. Sadly neither will happen. The supporters will get older and not replaced by younger blood and rugby in schools, I feel, will not be resurrected.
  9. Does anyone know who is staying, going or coming in?
  10. I might have missed something but I haven't seen anything about where we are playing next season and who will be our new coach. Rumour as it Matt Diskin for coach and there has been talk about FC United's ground down at the end of Broadway as our ground. Obviously, Stalybridge has been mentioned has as Boundary Park.
  11. Now the hard work begins - staying up! Hope the present team will stay together and with a few new faces we should be ok.
  12. All the best against the pie eaters - jim royales Oldham.
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