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  1. So Newcastle losing to Doncaster have an easy route into the final albeit away.
  2. It's been interesting reading the comments to the original post. It would be nice to know who DoubleD, gingerjon and Damien support. I hope I am wrong and there will be life under SL - sadly I don't think so!
  3. The first schism was a breakaway from the power mad brokers down south who weren't prepared to support the full sport. They looked after their own interests and damned the rest. This is exactly what SL are proposing when they take over the Sky money. They want to keep it all and the Championship and League 1 can go to the wall. SL seem to think that they deserve the money, what they don't realise is that when Sky pulls out they will also be damned because their attendances won't be adequate to run a professional club - with the exception of one or two with money men behind them. The time is NOW for ALL clubs outside of SL to breakaway, a "Second Great Schism." It could return our game to winter, the amateur game could also follow suit so attracting more players away from summer pursuits, all television deals and other could be poured back into our game , there must be many more pluses than negatives for a breakaway. Sadly, all the chairmen outside of SL will just wait and see what happens! They already know, they will go out of existence within a year so following Carlisle, Bramley, Nottingham, Kent Invicta, Fulham, Scarborough, Huyton, Chorley out of existence and sadly are now just a memory.
  4. jroyales

    Alan Kilshaw

    Does anyone know what his track record is?
  5. Congratulations on becoming champions. I wish you all the best for next season and I hope we are with you.
  6. It all comes down to this to play at home with a realistic chance of beating Newcastle twice. The Yeds can't get drawn into battle like we had at the Whitebank, having players sent off, and losing when we were way in front and well in control which has ultimately cost us the championship.
  7. How do we go about doing it? WE can't just talk about it until it happens and say, "If only" It's too late then ask the Bury fans and all the RL clubs that have already gone into history. We can't let any more clubs go. I intend mailing all of the sides in the Championship and League 1 suggesting a breakaway.
  8. It's no wonder our game is in the position it finds itself. The game is so poorly promoted it's a wonder it exists at all. Sky, on their sport's round never mention RL, on many occasions not even giving the results, the BBC again will promote anything Yawnion and most of the press seem to follow their lead. Sadly, sooperdooper league will keep all the money for themselves and slowly disappear when Sky cuts its funding altogether and when grassroots rugby dies. I feel the only way forward is to breakaway NOW and return RL to winter, something that suits the amateur game since it's been in freefall since they were forced to play in summer with all of its other attractions. All of the clubs outside of sooperdooper league need to realise quickly that they are not valued and sooperddoperleague won't give any of their money to help them. Let's call it the Second Great Schism - are the clubs brave enough I don't think so.
  9. With a name like Oliver Clothesoff who are you to comment on common sense????
  10. We need our own Rugby League stadium so has hold all of our prestigious games. All money generated would be the Rugby League not companies such as Newcastle, Man. City, Man. Utd, Wembley, Twickenham, Wales / Scotland / Ireland Rugby Union and Liverpool. When England RU have a game they generate countless millions of pounds that is subsequently spent on Rugby Union. What does Rugby League get, I believe it's only ticket money. Develop Odsal creating our own Rugby League centre.
  11. Having been at the final last weekend it was sad to see so many empty seats, and to make matters worse the BBC had its cameras focussed straight at them. I enjoyed the craic with supporters from other clubs and the result, to me, didn't matter. No one has mentioned RL having its own stadium with all RL matters being housed there ie. administration, archives, a RL museum, to name but a few uses. Odsal is a prime site to be developed. Why should we give money to other companies such as Wales/Scotland/England RU, Man. City/Utd. All prestigious games and importantly revenue would belong to RL and such revenue could be filtered down to the grassroots of our great game. Sadly, it won't happen because Sky and sooperdooper league are happy with the money they are getting - so stuff the rest.
  12. When Oldham win through to the Grand Final against Newcastle, on what dates in September will Oldham be playing? That's dependant on us finishing 2nd.
  13. jroyales


    So much depends upon this game. We can't give these 20 points start and hope to claw it back - we have to be up for it from the start and then keep it up as we finished last week, in total command. Langers must be all over Chase from the start as he did last week on Thunder's stand off. Once he was nullified they were clueless. Looking forward to it and I hope for a 24-12 win. I
  14. I'd give it to Crook. He knows the club and importantly the players know him. He reads the gave as well as anyone else, has the experience and I'm sure if he needed any advice Nobby would be there for him. To bring someone in who doesn't know the history of our club would be, in my opinion, the death knell of Oldham.
  15. Get Bowman at looseforward so as to take some of the pressure of the halves. At the moment we are too predictable in attack.
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