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  1. jroyales


    How can you "be less poor" if you've got nowt?
  2. jroyales


    Whatever happened to the £16 million given to the sport so as to offset the loss of revenue? I am also acutely worried about the restart. Our crowds were abysmally poor before the lockdown and those who did suffer the games this season could have found better ways of spending their time and money. I hope I am wrong.
  3. Some of the suggestions being made are just ludicrous. A tap restart, as we now do after a 40/20, makes logical sense. The notion that a scrum takes 12 players out of the game so enabling the backs to have more space is really not in evidence in most games. I like the restarting the 6 tackles has its merits but I feel the 6 "new" tackles should be added to what remains from the previous six tackles. Unfortunately, some referees would find that difficult and holding a whistle at the same time.
  4. Nothing wrong with referees that a good pair of glasses won't solve.
  5. Wasn't there talk at one time about moving his statue from the park and repositioning in the town centre. Could chase up the council and see if it's true and if not why not!
  6. The answer is quite simple - money for the sooperdooperleague franchise pockets and stuff the rest.
  7. As blind side johnny says Beaumont is the only chairman outside of sooperdooperleague who argues against the unfairness of funding in our sport. Sooperdooperleague couldn't give a damn about the rest. Their only concern is self.
  8. All other sports are being talked about except for Rugby League. Does anyone know if this season is over or if not when will it restart.
  9. I watched NRL on SKY 145 and during the game the commentators made reference to how the new rules have almost halved the penalty count. Also, during the game a bell rung and a "reset" was announced and the attacking side restarted their 6 tackles. Anyone heard anything about these changes and if/when we will be using them?
  10. Holdsworth NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. I've seen some bad referees in my 60 years of watching our great game but this guy must be by far the worst.
  12. Just watched the Oldham - Warrington semi-final. It's the first time I've wanted to see if Lord's try was fair. It's very close but even Alex Murphy suggested that it was ok and Ray French said that decision will be a talking point for years - he was correct. Just for interest I counted the penalty count Holdsworth must have been going home on the Warrington coach it was 11 - 6 to Warrington, we had no chance.
  13. Rare as it might be the referee was having a bad day. I think it was Massey. Standing with the same group of blokes I had stood with for years behind the posts, one of us shouted at the ref "Don't bring your wife problems here!" Even Massey laughed.
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