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  1. If there is anything positive to come out of this long spell of inactivity is that all the players we have injured will be fully fit and the pitches will be drier and more suited to our game plan.
  2. With many clubs having to lay people off due to there not being any revenue I suppose we are lucky because CH can only lay himself off!
  3. We need a scrum half and a stand off!
  4. According to this morning's paper this is a watershed moment for RL. Sky's deal runs out next year and Sky won't pay for nothing and that is on the cards if the virus bans all sports. With regards to the lower divisions it said a lot will go to the wall for the reasons you have given. This position has really brought forward the time when sooperdooperleague controls everything. I also feel there will be several sl that will also go unless the brotherhood of sl clube keeps them afloat. The question I ask will RL come out stronger when the very weak clubs have gone?
  5. Sadly it's the old argument about value for money. £17 to watch a team made up of lonees and DR players who give the impression they haven't played together so no apparent game plan, a team in a higher level of rugby with a worse team than last year and it seems hard to see us bettering the Hairnets record of last year. I hope I am wrong. I'll still be there encouraging the referee and hoping for the best - it gets me out of the house!
  6. Men against boys - yet again. Next game up Leigh away. Diskin must see what we can see the halves both Charnock and Hewitt aren't doing anything. Surely the time has come, in a game we have no chance of winning, to try something different. Drop both halves and give a full game to Wilkinson at scrum half and put Brooks or Johnson at out half. Anything is better than what we have seen in the four games played.
  7. Sadly, Kershaw and Croft are not in the squad announced today. Kershaw is playing in a reserve game, don't know anything about Croft. This is the danger of loan and DR players not having a consistent or the same side out two weeks on the trot. I fear that Nelmes will do to us that the Bradford forwards did last week. That aside Oldham by 12.
  8. The only difference between the two sides was the size of their forwards used effectively when near to the line. Other than that we matched them and we were unlucky with the two early mistakes and some poor refereeing. I feel when the game gets faster on drier pitches we will do well. With regards to Dewsbury's win over Widnes. Matty Smith wasn't playing and on the two occasions we have played them he has totally controlled both games and destroyed us. Remember, we have played three of the big teams in this division and yesterday's second half was encouraging.
  9. With regards to injuries, how badly hurt is Fletcher?
  10. Talking to the players after the game it was said there weren't any more injuries and Leeming said he hopes to play.
  11. jroyales


    Like to thank all of the Yeds who could make the trip - I had a great time except for the game. A special thanks to Kev he didn't stop singing before, during and after the game. They were bigger, faster and far superior in all attacking departments. You felt they could score from anywhere - and they did. We looked knackered and definitely short of both centres with no disrespect to the lads who were thrown in at the deep end. Out of the eleven tries they scored I think only one was down the middle. Importantly, the team never gave up and gave everything they had, so a big thank you to them. I'm sure with the same commitment we will be in the championship next season hopefully with another trip to Toulouse!
  12. Looking forward to the French hospitality and two points.
  13. Well ChampagneCharlie it looks like you and The YB up front next weekend!
  14. With a squad so small any injury will cause us problems. We started the season with only 17 fit players out of a squad of 21. The Yeds give everything they had against Widnes and there were lots of battered bodies after the match. My biggest concern is Bridges, he looked in a lot of pain when he came off. If he is out we are down to only 16 battered players to face Toulouse.
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