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  1. Great watching the game again. It was a good job pie eater Eric Clay wasn't refereeing because we wouldn't be enjoying the moment again and again and again .........................
  2. Oldham V Wigan - Paddy Kirwin's pie eater sickener. I tried to get this game on youtube, it said it has been taken off - must be a pie eater controller!!!
  3. Who haven't they signed? Where's Littler?
  4. Or Rochdale become Oldham's "A" team.
  5. With regards to Cornwall and the reluctance of championship sides not wanting the expense of travelling, what about the likes of Newcastle and Workington having to travel possibly twice next season - at their own expense with no support from the RL. It's no wonder RL is the laughing stock of the sporting world. IMG must be laughing all the way to the bank - doing nothing for big bucks.
  6. But we still have Leeds, Wigan and St Helens. And Oldham in 5 years time!
  7. See Danny Langtree has followed CH to Widnes. Any news where Littler has gone. When is the meeting, and time of Mike Ford and Frank Rothwell?
  8. Well done Mike Ford and the rest of the management team. Can't wait for the Law Cup and next season.
  9. For my sins or should I say my wife liking the crossword, I read the Times!!!!! There wasn't one sentence in this morning's paper (Sat. 14th Oct) about the Grand Final. I have written to both the editor and sports' editor about the fact that they don't publish anything about RL because "it's not popular enough to sell papers". American Football got a full page. This anti RL, I feel is rife and our restructuring team, IMG, should surely look into how our game is publicised. Before RR starts making comment about this mail being negative, I've stopped reading it and have started looking for a better RL paper.
  10. Confident statement Manchester Yed.
  11. Is Pat Moran on the radar, he was quality last season?
  12. With all the great things happening to our great club, I can't wait for the start to the season. Any ideas when this might be?
  13. Another announcement today. Why aren't the players from last season, who are staying, on your squad sheet?
  14. Isn't it about time we heard something from the club. Remember "it's our club".
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