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Warriors Unite – Week 1

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Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and the first team playing squad are heading out in person into the community for Warriors Unite.

Throughout the UK lockdown at the start of 2021, the Community Foundation created a new style of delivery, offering virtual alternatives to its usual programmes and keeping members of the community connected with free online activities.

Now, the programme Warriors Unite returns in person as the Foundation staff and first team players aim to reach out to children and adults and provide interactive, engaging activities so they can be active, have fun and feel part of the community.

As Covid-19 restrictions are now fully lifted, Wigan Warriors hope to unite the town by getting out and about and delivering sessions for people of all ages.

During lockdown, many children were unable to stay active and elderly people were unable to get out of the house. Now, Warriors Unite aims to have an impact on all areas of the borough by working with schools and community groups in the most deprived and hard to reach areas of Wigan.

Taking place every Friday afternoon, Foundation staff and players are going out to deliver engaging sessions in person in high schools, primary schools and at Robin Park Arena. The delivery is also being extended to the Foundation’s community groups such as Touch Rugby League and Rugby Memories, as well as visiting the Rainbow Ward at Wigan Infirmary.

Last Friday saw the Warriors deliver sessions for the first time as part of the programme’s return. Week one saw the Warriors in the Ashton and Bryn area, with 23 players on hand to help four visits and one session at Robin Park Arena. Here are the places where the Warriors visited on Friday:

Week 1 – Friday 19th November

  • Cansfield High School
  • St John Fisher High School at Robin Park Arena
  • Nicol Mere Primary School
  • R L Hughes Primary School
  • Rugby Memories at Bryn Labour Club

Take a look at our full gallery below from last Friday:

  • IMG_5080-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5082-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5084-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5092-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5102-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5163-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5185-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5278-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5295-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5333-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5340-1024x683.jpg
  • IMG_5349-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206410-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206427-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206450-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206460-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206478-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206479-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206481-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206485-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206490-1024x683.jpg
  • SW206498-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06437-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06470-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06477-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06495-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06519-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06531-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06579-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06637-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06657-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06743-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06756-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06782-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06802-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06896-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06901-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06909-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06939-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06960-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06963-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF06986-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF07031-1024x683.jpg
  • SWF07045-1024x683.jpg
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-6-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-5-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-4-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-3-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-2-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-1-
  • WhatsApp-Image-2021-11-22-at-16.59.39-76
  • D4S_6387-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6396-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6465-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6468-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6484-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6524-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6571-1024x682.jpg
  • D4S_6645-1024x682.jpg

Warriors Head Coach, Matt Peet, said: “The players and staff have really enjoyed it and met some quality people. We hope that the people we have met have enjoyed it and that we have made a positive impression. We will build on this now, it is central to our philosophy as a group.”

Community Primary Schools’ Partnership Officer, Guy Wood, added: “Days like these are great for the community of Wigan. It’s really important that we leave a lasting legacy and unite the community by providing enjoyable and engaging sessions for everyone to access.”

In the next three weeks, the Warriors will be going to more schools, hosting more sessions at Robin Park Arena and visiting children in the Rainbow Ward at Wigan Infirmary. Here is the full list of where they will be heading…

Week 2 – Friday 26th November

  • Deans Trust High School
  • Standish High School at Robin Park Arena
  • St Mary’s (Platt Bridge) Primary School
  • Platt Bridge Community Primary School
  • St Peter’s (Bryn) Primary School

Week 3 – Friday 3rd December

  • Hindley High School
  • Hawkley Hall High School at Robin Park Arena
  • Sacred Hart (Hindley) Primary School
  • St Benedicts Primary School
  • Rainbow Ward
  • Rugby Memories Christmas Party at Robin Park Arena

Week 4 – Friday 10th December

  • St Peter’s (Orrell) High School
  • Shevington High School at Robin Park Arena
  • Orrell St James Primary School
  • Lamberhead Green Primary School
  • Rainbow Ward
  • Rugby Memories Christmas Party at Robin Park Arena

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