4 Barrow players released without charge from police custody after an incident in France

Four Barrow Raiders players were kept in police custody following an incident in Toulouse.

According to actu.fr, police officers had to intervene in the city centre to control four individuals after a vehicle was damaged.

The alleged incident is claimed to have taken place on April 7th moving into the early hours of April 8th, the day after the Raiders had lost 50-4 against Toulouse Olympique.

The report claims the players in question were arrested and kept in custody before being released without charge after paying the owner of the vehicle damages of $100.

As a result, they didn’t travel back to England with the rest of the Barrow entourage, travelling back a day later instead.

TotalRL contacted Barrow Raiders, and although they didn’t wish to disclose the identity of the players, the club chairman David Sharpe gave the following statement:

“All I can say is that what has been reported happened. A moped got knocked over and of the four lads there, one of them must have knocked it over.

“They were taken into custody and the guy whose moped it was said there was $100 of damage. Once they paid that they released them. They weren’t charged for anything, it’s just one of those things that happened unfortunately.”