Francis Cummins: It’s a little bit like a deja vu

Bradford coach Francis Cummins claims his side’s current situation is like a deja vu.

The Bulls are still in administration after a six-point deduction from the RFL, which derailed a takeover bid and leaves them hanging in the balance. Indeed, news broke today that their players are being offered out to other Super League clubs.

Cummins, 37, is just focused on the next game – London at home on Sunday.

He said: “To us, every single game is a must-win and it always was. That is the way we challenge ourselves and that is the way in which we will continue to do so. The media might place a little more focus on this game now, given the circumstances, but we have got to be there mentally. If they are, then I am confident we will get the points.

“It [the situation] is a little bit like deja vu for us. Like myself, the players are frustrated about the situation. Just when it looks as though the club is moving in the right direction, this happens. We are now back under the control of administrators and we are now being made to wait, all over again.”

In a statement released after pulling the plug on his proposed Bulls takeover, Mark Moore claimed the RFL’s six-point deduction almost guaranteed relegation. Cummins disagrees.

“I do not think we are consigned to relegation,” he said.

“There is a long way to go. As a Rugby League man, I know that we can get those six points back but I can also understand why a businessman would give his views from a non-football perspective.

“The special measures that are being suggested would be tough to work with going forward and, while I do not know the ins and outs of it, if we cannot function as a business then things will be very difficult. On the field, we could be back on zero points in one week’s time by winning on Sunday against London and at Hull next Friday.

“From there, if we can add in some further loan signings then we have a great chance of staying up. Last year, with the same points deduction, we finished ninth. With that in mind, I remain confident.

“I am determined and I believe in these players. Walking away has never even crossed my mind. I have a great bunch of lads here and they refuse to give in. If they had thrown in the towel and given up then maybe things would be different. My job is to help make things better and the aim is to start that with a win on Sunday.”

When asked how important fan support will be on Sunday, Cummins said: “In my time here at Bradford I have realised just how incredible our supporters are.

“They have stood by us and I know I, and the players, can expect more of the same this weekend. Their support is now more important that ever before.”

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