Frustration getting to Thorman

Workington Town coach Chris Thorman has admitted that everyone at the club is starting to get frustrated with the lack of rugby, and the lack of clarity about when it might return.

But despite that his players are staying fully focused on their individual training, proving to the coach that he got his recruitment right for the 2020 season.

“The players are all still doing really well with their own training,” said Thorman.

“They are all disciplined guys and it just proves to me and the rest of the staff that we had the right squad in place to begin with. They are all accountable and all doing what needs to be done.

“But it’s frustrating. I have been involved with a number of meetings with the RFL and they are working hard to formulate some sort of plan.

“I have tried not to keep the boys in the dark and give them as much information as I have, but we’re all frustrated.

“The guys have seen plans for a potential Super League starting date and a return to training scenario, which we have been sent through as well.

“But from our point of view we’re still a long way from that.

“For me Rugby League is all I have known and done. Other people are getting back to work and getting on with thing, but there is nothing I can do.

“There is nothing even the RFL can control; we have to wait for the Government guidance.”
Thorman has also said that the current uncertainty of this season is already having a knock-on effect to 2021.

“As a coach you are always looking ahead to the following season, next season’s squad and how the pre-season is going to pan out,” added Thorman.

“But it’s difficult to do that in the current situation.

“There is talk of a winter competition, with potentially the 1895 Cup taking place in November and December, so it’s difficult to plan and prepare for next season when we don’t know what’s happening there.

“By all accounts 2021 should be a normal season, but what happens at the beginning of that year when we should be in pre-season might change.

“It’s tough times, but we just have to be reactive to whatever happens next in the next couple of months.”