Furner not willing to get carried away despite Leeds’ big win

Dave Furner asked his Leeds players to “put a lid” on their celebrations following last night’s win over Castleford.

Brad Dwyer’s Golden Point drop goal secured a memorable, and pivotal, second win of the season.

However, Furner remained level headed after the game, airing his concern at Leeds’ inability to see out a game from a winning position once again, having been 20-4 ahead.

“I think the big thing there is the last few weeks we’ve been in games that we haven’t closed off and I’ll be talking to the players about that and what we need to do,” he said.

“We actually scrambled quite well to take the game to extra time. It’s good for the squad, but I’ve asked the players to enjoy it but put a bit of a lid on it.

“It’s our first home win, that’s important. The fans have always been very vocal and I think they lifted the team. I think it’s important for the club but we can’t get ahead of ourselves, we should have probably closed off two games before that. Certainly, it’s great for the fans and the players and the club. It is a long season but we’re going to keep learning.”

On Dwyer’s drop goal, Furner added: “Brad assures me after the game he’s been practising at training – it must be when I’m not looking!

“Sometimes when you’re that far out, if you give them a 20-metre restart and seven tackles it could be costly.”

Furner also saved praise for Trent Merrin’s performance, with the Australian visibly overjoyed after the game, days after being linked with a move back to Australia.

“From day one he’s been talking about helping the club to move forward – he’s come out in regards to the speculation and he’s answered it. I know he and his partner like it here and he’s committed to Leeds.”