Gale explains ‘Alby’ nickname

Luke Gale has revealed that he picks up a copy of League Express every week, to check how he’s doing in the race for Albert Goldthorpe Medal!

The England halfback has returned home from the Test victory over Samoa still on top of the current standings having picked up 18 points during the first 13 games of the season.

That is three points more than both Hull FC’s Albert Kelly and the Salford halfback Robert Lui, who have amassed 15 points each so far.

Points are picked up following every game, as League Express journalists allocate points to the three best players in each match.

28-year-old Gale is hoping to become the first ever player to win the award three years running, having matched Danny Brough’s record of winning it twice on the bounce last year.

Gale has revealed how he has picked up a new nickname as a result of the award, and he hopes he can win it again.

“The lads call me Alby at Castleford,” Gale said.

“I’m sure Mr Sadler will be happy to learn about that! It’s great to be up there again and hopefully, I can land it for a third year.

“I think I’m right in saying nobody has won it three years running. I’ve won it the last two years and I’ve seen my name up there again. It’s not something you think about every game, but it’s something you look out for.

“I actually look at it every week.”


1 Luke Gale – 18 points

2= Albery Kelly – 15 points

2= Robert Lui – 15 points

4 Michael Dobson – 13 points

5 Adam Cuthbertson – 12 points

6= Junior Moors – 10 points

6= Alex Walmsley – 10 points

6= George Williams – 10 points