Gallen calls on NRL to ban Holmes for life following NFL switch

Cronulla legend Paul Gallen believes the NRL should consider banning Valentine Holmes for life after he walked out on the Sharks to pursue a career in the NFL.

The Sharks speedster has decided to pursue his dream in American football, despite having a year left on his contract with the NRL powerhouses.

And Gallen, who won the Premiership with the Australian international back in 2016, says he has badly let down his team-mates.

“It’s been a dream of his which is great,” he told Channel Nine.

“I push guys to pursue their dreams without a doubt, but the fact is he had one year left on his contract and we don’t get this far in this game or any game without your teammates. And Val’s left us, he’s walked out on us, which I find disappointing.

“I’ve told him that, I’ve got nothing against him personally obviously I thanked him for everything he’s done at our club, he’s won a premiership with us, he’s been our best player but the way this has happened I’m disappointed in him.

“Not only does he have a Sharks contract, he has an NRL contract. Now the NRL is always on about the integrity of the game, I don’t see how this is good for the integrity of the game — breaking a contract with one year to go, just walking out on a club and the game.

“Look, I think it’s got to be a minimum two years out of the game and if not out forever.”