Garry Schofield launches scathing attack on Marc Sneyd

Hull FC’s Marc Sneyd has incurred the wrath of League Express columnist Garry Schofield, who insists that his agent will be “supping champagne” after landing the halfback a new contract with the club.

Sneyd, who signed a new contract with the Black and Whites earlier this month, was heavily criticised by the Rugby League Hall of Fame inductee following the club’s defeat to Catalans on Thursday.

Speaking on Radio Yorkshire, Schoey was asked whether Sneyd was in need of a better stand-off to partner up with, but he hit back, saying: “I’d want a better scrum-half.

“They have got a stand-off now in Albert Kelly but Sneyd doesn’t complement a number six. I think I know a little bit about halfbacks. All he does is kick. That’s all he does.

“The ideal halfback partnership takes the pressure off each other. One takes control for a period and then the other says ‘hold on, have a bit of a spell here and let me dictate from there’.

“You are not going to bring that right balance with Sneyd because he doesn’t bring anything but a kicking game. He doesn’t organise, he doesn’t create, he doesn’t support, he doesn’t tackle, he doesn’t pass and when he does it’s rubbish. Whoever is his agent must be supping champagne until 2019.”

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