Does George King have a point about youth development in this country?

Warrington Wolves star George King has slammed clubs for leaving young players out in the cold.

Speaking in this week’s League Express, the 21-year-old forward has shared his frustrations regarding the lack of opportunities up-and-coming players have at certain clubs in Super League.

King criticised clubs for choosing short-term fixes over long-term gains, claiming they would rather spend money on an overseas player than developing their own.

In an extensive interview, King discusses the current dual-registration system, claiming it is not fit for purpose, while also stating that it should be mandatory for clubs to spend £250,000 on their reserves and Under 19’s.

King said: “It should be mandatory for clubs to invest £250,000 into the reserves or Under 19s, and if they don’t the fine should be doubled to ensure that they do.

“I think it is embarrassing that some Championship clubs put so much effort into reserve grade and developing their own youngsters, but then some Super League clubs say they can’t afford it. It’s a disgrace and these clubs should be named and shamed sooner rather than later.”

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