George Williams has ‘a lot of decisions on his mind’, as Lam admits speculation affecting form

Wigan coach Adrian Lam believes the speculation over George Williams’ future is impacting on his current form – before admitting the half-back currently has ‘a lot of decisions on his mind’.

Williams is being linked with a number of NRL sides in regards to a possible move to Australia next year, though the Warriors have yet to admit they have received any offers for their marquee player.

But in the clearest hint yet of concrete interest from Down Under, Lam admitted to the media on Tuesday that it is important Williams and Wigan decide what his long-term future looks like as soon as possible for the benefit of both player and club.

“He’s got a lot of decisions on his mind at the moment and it’s probably something that we need to tick off and move on from as soon as we can, as a club and him as a player,” he said.

“If he is in negotiations with them then it’s got to take an effect on him. It’s going to take some time, and the longer this drags on the more it’s going to affect him.

“He obviously doesn’t handle that side of things well, as in balancing that up with having to perform.”

Lam also admits that the speculation is weighing heavily on Williams’ shoulders, admitting he feels as though his current form is not being helped by the discussion over his future at the club.

“I think it may have affected him last week, without a doubt,” Lam said.

“And that would affect any human being that’s talking about leaving his hometown team and signing for a team on the other side of the world and leaving his family.

“I know he’s close to his family, and I know going to the NRL is something that he dreams about one day. That was discussed in September last year because that was on the table at that stage as well.

“I’m going to talk with him this week – I’ve already spoken with him on a short-term basis on whether he’s okay with all of that.”