Getting to know: Tom Johnstone

To celebrate the new edition of Rugby League World hitting shelves on Friday, here’s a piece from a previous edition, featuring Wakefield star Tom Johnston answering questions from a random Q&A. To buy the next edition of Rugby League World, which will include a free fixture guide for the upcoming season, buy in stores from Friday or online at

Who is your most annoying teammate?

Judah Mazive. Sometimes he is that thick it’s untrue. He asked if he could vote for the American president, and then when we said no, he asked us if he could just text in his vote instead. Honestly, there’re some days where I just have to say I can’t deal with him.

If you could avoid being stuck in a lift with anyone, who would it be?
I’d have to say one of my ex-girlfriends. She used to drive me insane. I won’t say her last name, but she was called Maria, I just can’t get on with her.

If you could be any of your teammates, who would it be?
I’d probably go with Scotty Moore? He’s got good style, he knows a lot of famous people and he’s a good hit with the girls.

What’s Chris Chester like?
He’s a pretty down to earth bloke, to be fair. I didn’t know him before this season, but a lot of the lads used to play with him and he’s a good laugh. He’s one of the lads, he goes and plays golf with them, but with me, he’s really understanding if I go to speak to him and very approachable. But he’s stern when he needs to be and will tell you when you’ve gone wrong, but he’ll then also give you words of encouragement.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the field?
I was going to score a try when I was playing for Stanningley. I’d made a break and started to celebrate but I dropped the ball. I went to do a fist pump with both my arms but the ball hit my head and I dropped it.

What would your last meal be and why?
I’m a massive lover of duck wraps with hoisin sauce, and then sweet and sour chicken with noodles. I get both sometimes. It’s just perfect for filling me up and it’s my perfect meal. If I’m ever getting some scran after the game it’s Chinese. To drink, I’d have Irn Bru. I’m a massive fan of it. I’d rather have a pint of Irn Bru over a beer, shot or any alcoholic drink. I love it.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite three people, who would they be?
One would have to be Justin Beiber, he’s my favourite bloke ever. All the lads know how much I like him, I’m going to see him later this month. Another would be Usain Bolt, he’s one of my big sporting icons, I grew up watching him and I love him. The other, maybe a girl? There’s a few! Ariana Grande, she’s like the number one for me. She’s cracking.

What is it about Justin Beiber that’s so appealing?
I used to like him back in the day when he sang ‘Baby’, when everyone hated him, so him becoming popular suits me. He’s got a variety of songs. My favourite is Beauty and the Beat, but the acoustic version.

Who are your best friends at Wakefield?
That would be Max Jowitt and Jordan Crowther. They were full-time before me, so that made the transition easier because it was daunting speaking to the first-team players. I just stayed with them, and us three are now a trio and we hang about together all the time. It is class to be playing together, and we know how we all play, which was great when Max came in as he knew what he was going to do.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the field?
There’s isn’t a specific one, but just playing outside of Craig Hall. I mess about when I’m on the field, I like to play free-minded so I don’t play in the zone. But Hally is funny, some of the things he comes out with, something will happen and he’ll throw a random comment out. He can get stressed sometimes, but if it is going well he’s cracking jokes all the time.

What would you like to achieve outside of Rugby League?
I’d like to be involved in a gym, maybe in strength and conditioning or personal training. I’d like to own a gym, but that’s a big step.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I’ve always said I wanted to fly. I’m a bit scared of heights, but if I could fly I wouldn’t have to worry about that, and I could also travel around really quick too.

Have you got any bad habits?
I drink two litres of Irn Bru a day. That happens pretty much every day. I’m very lazy too and I’m napping all the time, I probably shouldn’t do that as much.

Have you any pet hates?
You know when you know a story, and then someone changes it to make it into a tweet or a Facebook story that will get loads of likes? I hate that. It drives me insane, I always end up screenshotting it and putting it in a group, or commenting and getting in an argument, which I shouldn’t really do nowadays.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you?
I was actually born in Germany, but because it was in a Scottish army regiment, technically I was born in Edinburgh.