Giants won’t rest on their laurels, says Anderson

Paul Anderson was keen to quickly move on following Huddersfield’s shock victory over Warrington, with the Giants chief focused on further improvement ahead of Thursday’s clash with Wigan.

The Giants picked up just their second win of the season following their victory over the league leaders, beating the Wolves 11-0.

But with the club still bottom and chasing the teams in the top eight, Anderson knows there is no time to relax.

“We knew straight after the game that we couldn’t rest on that performance,” he said.

“We did a lot of things well but there are things that we can do better as well.

“That’s the challenge of Super League and the regular rounds, is that this week we have something different and it is a whole different kettle of fish in regards to playing Wigan away.

“Every game is an opportunity to win and Wigan have been very good at home in the last few years so we have got a fair challenge on our hands. The stage we are at now is that we have to play every game like it is our last and enjoy it that way.”

Anderson does not expect to make changes for the match.

“The reality of it is the way things went on Friday, I can’t see too many changes.

“Larne has come back into training today, he has overcome his illness. Eorl has done some running but we have to reward performance so there might not be too many changes from Friday.”