GMB throws support behind Toronto Wolfpack

The GMB union has supported Toronto Wolfpack’s calls to receive TV revenue and readmission to Super League.

The Wolfpack’s Super League future is in doubt after they withdrew from this season’s competition.

A prospective new owner has been identified but readmission to Super League, as well as broadcast money, is key in pushing the takeover through.

In a statement, the GMB’s Garreth Carvell said: “Every club deserves a slice of the TV revenues. It’s only fair that Toronto get a fair share like every other club in Super League and I am urging the RFL and Super League to support the bid by providing a level playing field for Toronto.

“We have the World Cup next year and it’s our chance to showcase the game by cementing Toronto into the league. North America and Canada are vital markets if this game wants to grow and whilst ever that opportunity presents itself, we need to grab it.”