Greg Minikin on leaving Warrington Wolves, panicking when Featherstone Rovers didn’t get promoted to Super League and James Ford

THERE was a time towards the back end of the 2023 Championship season that Featherstone Rovers looked heavy favourites to earn promotion to Super League.

In the end, the Super League dream crashed and burned following a shock home defeat to London Broncos in the semi-final play-offs.

But, for players such as Greg Minikin, who had signed for Rovers in the hope of a Super League deal in 2024, panic set in.

So why did Minikin sign for Featherstone and was he concerned when the club didn’t get promoted to Super League at the end of 2023?

“Well it was down to Fordy (Rovers head coach James Ford) really, I’ve played with him at York and the chance to work with him again was a big draw.

“And once I came in and met a few people like Ian Hardman (assistant coach) it seemed like something I really wanted to commit to.

“When Featherstone didn’t come up it was a bit of a panic for me and my agent did have a look around.

“But we spoke to the club (Featherstone) straightaway and the ambition to come to Fev and do well was still there more than ever.”

Minikin, however, is enjoying his time at the Millennium Stadium – even if the change to part-time has meant having another part-time job too.

“I’m really enjoying it, it’s a bit of a change going part-time but the lads are great, the coaching staff are great.

“I work with my brother, we have got a bit of a property company, so luckily I have something to fall back on. I will probably do that when finish playing, depending on how long I’ve got left.”

Of course, Minikin signed for Rovers from the Warrington Wolves where he spent two seasons, registering just 19 appearances following an ACL injury before joining.

“I’m not really sure why it didn’t work out at Warrington to be honest.

“I did my ACL before I went and my first year when I came back I didn’t really play very well so I didn’t put my best foot forward.

“I probably could have played better and got in the team if I’m being honest.”

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