Hardaker: Cas offered me a new contract

Zak Hardaker has claimed Castleford offered him a new contract to stay with the club.

Hardaker, whose move to Wigan was completed last week, was sacked by the Tigers after failing a drugs test last year.

However, the England international told the Yorkshire Post he pleaded with the Tigers to keep him, only for things not to work out.

“I wasn’t surprised because I’d breached my contract, so it was fair enough,” he said.

“But I tried to stay there and I said, ‘Look, can you keep me on, pay me minimum wage, can you keep me on?’

“I expressed I wanted to stay. They did offer me a contract but it was a low one.

“My solicitors’ fees were through the roof and the contract didn’t match up to the fees, so I said, ‘Look, I can’t take that because my fees are nearly as much as my wage’.

“I think they understood. And then for four or five months, I heard nothing. I wanted to stay and repay them, but it wasn’t to be. I believe things happen for a reason and now I’m looking forward to this move to Wigan.”