Hardaker is Farrell’s Man of Steel

Wigan Warriors star Liam Farrell has revealed his choices for this year’s Man of Steel award – and says he’s gone for an all-Leeds trio in his three nominations.

All Super League players are invited to vote on their candidates for the award, won last year by Warrington hooker Daryl Clark.

And Farrell has confirmed that Zak Hardaker is the man he has opted for as his first pick – with another two Leeds stars just behind.

“In third, I went for Jamie Peacock,” he said in his Wigan Today column.

“Yes, I know he’s retiring at the end of the year, but his form has been fantastic and Leeds just aren’t the same side when he’s not playing.

“I was torn for the main prize – between Zak Hardaker and Kallum Watkins.

“Both have been outstanding this year, I went for Zak for Man of Steel because he’s probably had the bigger impact on the season.”