Hemel prop scores stunning length-of-the-field try

End your try of the season debates now. We’ve found your winner.

Hemel’s Lewis Taylor has surely won the crown for the year after this sensational length-of-the-field effort… and he’s a prop!

The Stags star opportunistically picks up a loose ball in his own in-goal before weaving away from three would-be tacklers.

Unlike most props, who would be looking over both shoulders for a quicker team-mate after feeling it in the lungs after 20 metres, he hurtles down the field and manages to keep himself away from the back-tracking Oldham defenders.

He’s eventually caught with 30 metres to go, but instead of giving himself up, he steps away from the Roughyeds winger and charges for the corner.

As a covering defender comes across, he then proves exactly why he is a prop by crashing over the winger and scoring a sensational individual score.

Hemel lost the game 60-28, but they definitely scored the best try of the game! Is this the best try ever scored by a prop?