Holbrook backs new league structure proposals, except for one part

Justin Holbrook believes the proposed league structure put forward by Super League CEO Rob Elstone is a positive step forward.

The plans, which are currently under consideration by Championship and League 1 clubs, are set to be further discussed at an EGM taking takes next week.

For the Saints coach, the decision to revert back to a more traditional structure is a good move.

“I think it’s a much better way to go,” he said.

“To have that regular season benefits everyone. For me, this year doesn’t work because if you’re a Championship team, you can go out and buy a really good side and the minute you don’t make the top four you release players with eight rounds to go. Those players get rewarded for a poor season by going to a Super League club. I don’t think that’s fair. For one reason or another, if you’re one of those top-line players you then get picked up and it’s silly.

“I think a semi-final system for that level would be perfect and to have a Grand Final to see who will come up to Super League. I think that would be brilliant.”
However, Holbrook conceded he would rather have a six-team play-off structure implemented, rather than the five-team system tabled.

“I’m not a massive fan of the top-five play-off system,” he said.

“I think you get too much rest if you happen to finish first. You get the week off, then if you win the next game you get a week off so you only play two games in a month, which isn’t ideal. Top six would be great for me. I know there are only twelve teams and that sixth teams might lose more games than they win but I don’t think that matters.

“I think it’s on the right track though. I don’t think the Super 8s is fantastic. The Middle 8s is exciting, but I don’t think sides that don’t make it should be in a position to let Super League clubs pick up players with eight weeks to go.”