Houston charged for Bentham collision

Chris Houston is set to serve a two-match suspension after being charged for an incident that left Phil Bentham injured during Widnes’ defeat to Warrington.

The referee was unable to continue after a collision with Houston, who was chasing down a kick before colliding with Bentham.

Despite Denis Betts defending his player, the 33-year-old has received a Grade C reckless physical contact charge and a two-match penalty notice.

Houston has until 11.00am on Tuesday, February 20 to challenge the Penalty Notice.

It was the second time Houston had collided with Bentham in a game, with a similar incident happening last year.

“He made contact with the ref, but Chris was looking up at the ball and it was just unfortunate,” Betts said.

“It was the same spot, the same team and player and the same ref as a couple of years ago (sic), so there was some déjà vu there.

“Chris is not that kind of player. You can see he didn’t have eyes for anything but the ball in the air and it’s an unfortunate clip.

“I think Phil is okay; he spoke to our doctor and seems to be okay.”