Hull FC will take legal action if Connor doesn’t honour his contract

Hull FC have released a statement following heavy speculation surrounding the transfer of Jake Connor, and stated that they will pursue legal proceedings should Connor not honour his contract.

The Airlie Birds announced last month that the talented 21-year-old would join the club from Huddersfield for the 2017 season.

However, reports on Tuesday suggested that the youngster has had a change of heart, and is now keen to stay at the Giants beyond the end of his contract at the end of the season.

Today’s events have forced Hull to respond, who are adamant that Connor is now their player.

The statement reads: “Jake Connor agreed a deal to join Hull FC for the 2017 season, subject to passing a medical approved by the club.

“The deal was contracted with the player subject to the medical which was subsequently passed by the player last week.

“The contract, which is signed by both the player and the club, was lodged and accepted by the Rugby Football League.

“The deal was signed for two seasons – 2017 and 2018.

“This contract is legally binding and states that the player has signed for Hull FC and will join the club from the 1st December 2016 in preparation for the new season.

“If the contract is not fulfilled for any reason then the club will have to pursue legal proceedings for breach of that contract and for the inducement of that breach.

“The club have acted properly and professionally throughout all aspects of the process, working appropriately within the tight parameters of the games’ operational rules and with close guidance from the Rugby Football League.

“Any suggestion other than this by any other party is merely speculation and false conjecture.

“We are disappointed that the club continues to be drawn into public rhetoric of this nature and endeavor to make no further comment until the matter is closed.”

Earlier in the day, Huddersfield head coach Andy Kelly wouldn’t rule out Connor re-signing for the club.


Kelly said: “I guess if the club could sign him and that was available we would welcome it,” Kelly told TotalRL.

“We always wanted to re-sign him. I’ve not had chance to speak to Jake but I’m sure that if he were available the club would still want to re-sign him. If it is the case, the club would welcome it.”