Hull FC first-team newcomer Logan Moy launches self-improvement plan

HULL FC hopeful Logan Moy means business – and the teenage fullback has told of how coach Tony Smith and his new right-hand man Simon Grix have been helping him during his first pre-season with the senior squad.

While Grix has joined forces with Smith after coaching Halifax, last season’s Hull Academy player of the year award winner Moy is among eight promoted from the development system to the first-team group in October.

Loose-forward Kye Armstrong, backrower Lennon Bursell, halfbacks Jack Charles and Mackenzie Harman, hooker Jeylan Hodgson, halfback Sully Medforth and prop Cobie Wainhouse also stepped up.

As Hull prepare for their opening pre-season game at Bradford on Sunday, 18-year-old Moy says he is slowly but surely acclimatising to the intensity of Smith’s training regime.

“It’s taken me aback since I moved up, but it’s been enjoyable,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong – when we were in the Academy, we were training as hard as we could. But now there is an expectation to meet a certain level of performance.

“I want to impress the coaching staff. I’ve got the same goal as every other player in the squad and that’s to be out on the field with the team. I’m doing everything I can to improve myself.

“As soon as I came up to train with the first team, I wanted to do as many one-to-one video sessions with the coaching staff as I could to help my development as much as possible.

“In particular, Grixy has been doing a lot of reviews with me. And Tony has been great for approaching me during training sessions to tell me which bits I’ve done well and which bits I need to work on.

“They’re constantly on at me, which is a good thing. I’ve taken in so much information already, which is only going to benefit me moving forward and play a big part in helping me reach that goal of making my debut.”

Speaking to the club website, Moy continued: “I also want to be a good teammate, so I’m helping people out as much as I can.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re on the opposite team in training, that might help the squad out in the long run. We’re all trying to better ourselves.”