Hull FC owe Willie Manu £200,000 amongst others

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson has revealed the club owe former player Willie Manu a staggering £200,00o in wages, after it emerged the club will be spending almost half a million pounds outside of the salary cap this season.

The likes of Jason Crookes, and Shannon McDonell will be paid off – as well as Jacob Miller, who is still with the club. However, it is the news that almost half of that money is owed to Manu, who has just finished his Super League career with Grand Final glory at St Helens.

Manu, who signed for Hull in 2007 and left in 2012, had some of his salary paid onto the controversial EBT Scheme, which has since been declared outlawed. However, Pearson revealed at a fans forum last night that the club’s former owners never put that money into the scheme to pay Manu – and the club now have to pay him up.

Pearson further revealed it will cost Hull £450,000 over the salary cap next season to pay off the likes of Jacob Miller, Jason Crookes, Shannon McDonnell, plus a £200,000 wage bill to former player Willie Manu.

With the scheme now maturing following his return home, Pearson has had to find £200,000 to settle Manu’s payment.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Joe Arundel is headed for rugby union, with the centre on a month’s trial with Newcastle.