Hull FC owner reveals likely cause of COVID-19 outbreak

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson believes the club was exposed to COVID-19 due to a player visiting hospital.

Six players and two members of the coaching staff have tested positive, which has resulted in both the Black and Whites and their opponents from last weekend, going into quarantine.

Speaking to BBC Humberside, Pearson said an investigation was underway and had appeared to find an explanation.

“It’s very difficult to say too much publicly but it appears one of the players’ newborn baby required hospital treatment,” he said.

“That player went to the hospital and subsequently some members of his family could have been infected. He then came in on Saturday for some treatment with symptoms and was sent home.

“He did a rehab session, or was about to start but was sent home, and I think it as probably gone from there to the physio and into the players on Saturday and Sunday morning. That’s not a scientific answer, it’s where I am looking at it as the most likely cause.

“Some have very few symptoms, others are now starting to develop some form of symptoms. Luckily they are young and fit so I’m sure they will come through but it’s a difficult world.”

Pearson said he would be understanding of the situation, should that theory be proven, but said it left him questioning whether more testing needs to take place.

“I understand the circumstances. If I’m perfectly honest, if I had a sick child I think I would take them to hospital as well; if you have a month-old baby.

“It begs the question maybe there needs to be another test pre-game, but you’d think once a week would be enough really.”

Pearson also said he did not expect any sanctions as a result of the outbreak, which has seen their game this weekend called off, as well as Salford’s.

“I don’t think there are any ramifications officially in place. I know other sports have done that but there are no set sanctions put down.

“They (the RFL) want to investigate everything fully first, then we’ll see what the ramifications of that investigation are. All I am concerned about is getting players with young children through in one piece.”