Hull in no hurry to appoint new coach

Hull FC CEO James Clark insists their search for a new head coach is underway, but it is a secondary concern as the club prepares to manage the difficulties brought by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Black and Whites have begun their search for a new head coach following the dismissal of Lee Radford after seven years in charge.

Clark revealed they have received several applications since Radford’s departure, but the club will take its time in appointing a new coach, with the priority being the safeguarding of the club in the coming months.

“The process is underway but it’s been challenging in the current crisis,” Clark said.

“Our priority is rightly on the immediate future of the club and competition. The financial stability of our sport is under real threat, so it’s hard for all of us to be planning for things like retention, recruitment and in our case a new head coach, whilst all that is still in the balance.

“I think the opportunity to be the head coach of Hull FC is one of the most attractive propositions in our game. It’s a big club with a great fan base, excellent facilities and a talented group of players. I think that’s reflected in the quality of applications and interest we’ve had at this stage. It’s a job where expectation and pressure is high, and there is always intense scrutiny from fans and media. The role demands someone who can handle that. But equally, it’s one of the most rewarding and satisfying if you can deliver success for an extremely passionate fan base.

“I think because of the situation we’re in with coronavirus, it means we can take more time over the decision, but patience was always the plan. We’re in no rush. We’ve had someone at the helm for the last seven years and we would like to maintain that stability, so we’ll take our time to make the right appointment for the long term future of the club.”

He continued: “For now, our priority is to navigate and safeguard the club through a very uncertain time. I cannot stress how significant this period could be for our club and for the sport in general, it is probably the greatest challenge we have faced for a number of years. Some of the figures being banded around in the press with regards to a shortfall at clubs of circa £500k – £1 million are not unrealistic, this is uncharted territory for all of us.”