Hull star still suffering from Covid infection

Hull FC coach Andy Last has revealed that the Airlie Birds’ forward Josh Jones has still not shaken off the effects of the Covid-19 virus, after contracting it last month.

Jones, 27, was one of a number of Hull players and officials who went down with the virus, when the club had to effectively shut down for two weeks.

But whereas other players have apparently fully recovered from the virus, Jones is having some difficulty returning to normal.

“He got a little bit of inflammation of the lungs and was out of breath and it had a big impact on him,” Last explained to the media on Friday, explaining why Jones has not appeared in the Hull team recently.

“We had to be very, very cautious and careful with how hard we push him as the symptoms affected people differently.

“We’re just awaiting a couple more tests on Josh and we hope to get some positive news. Then he can come back into the fold and start the return to play protocol.

“I spoke to him during those two weeks of isolation and he was out of breath on the phone, out of breath walking up the stairs and finding it difficult just out in the garden with the kids.

“It is quite scary and we have just have to be conscious of his welfare.

“We have to make sure we don’t push him too hard, as that could be his undoing.

“It’s a difficult one. It’s not like a hamstring where you know it’s going to be four weeks. This is about seeing what physical work he can tolerate and what how far we can push him.

“He got to the point where he was back in training with us and we were pushing him along thinking he might come back into consideration for playing.

“But he suffered an adverse effect from that and really struggled with fatigue. He was very, very tired and so from now it’s a case of suck it and see.”

Jones has missed all of Hull’s matches since the return from lockdown, other than their first match against Salford.

“I’ve spoken to him and he’s as frustrated as anyone,” added Last.

“He wants to be out there and contributing to the team, but we have to be mindful that his physical wellbeing and long-term wellbeing will be right.

“As and when we can get him back in training, we will do and we hope he will give us a good fresh body when that time comes.”

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