Ian Watson outlines his ambitions for Salford amid interest from other clubs

Salford head coach Ian Watson says the club is aware of his ambitions amid concern he could attract interest from rival clubs.

Red Devils chairman Paul King told League Express that the club must match Watson’s ambition to retain him moving forward.

With clubs like Hull FC and Huddersfield on the lookout for new coaches, Watson is likely to be near the top of their wishlist after his superb results with the Red Devils, leading them to two major finals in as many attempts.

Salford, naturally, are keen to retain him, and Watson said the club knows what he wants to achieve to stay with the club.

“What we’ve been doing over the last two years, playing in Challenge Cup and Grand Finals, they’re what I want to do, but I want to go further, we want to win them, not come second.

“We didn’t win and it’s great to be in those showpiece events but we didn’t win them. The way we win them is by building on what we’ve got and adding on top of that. My thing has always been about ambition and challenging myself more than anything else.

“At the moment we’re going along alright to be fair. Some of the guys we’ve recruited have been excellent. What I want to try and get away from is restarting every couple of years to try and put all those processes in.

“We’ve built a system over the last five years of how to play and how we think its best with certain individuals. But when we start the beginning of pre-season we keep finding that we have to go back to phase one. It’s something me and Glees spoke about all those years ago. Rather than going to phase two, you have to stay on phase one so everyone understands the nuts and bolts to be able to keep building on it. That’s ultimately what I want to do.”

Inevitably, that comes down to the club being stronger financially.

“It comes down to salary cap, supporters coming through the turnstiles, that’s obviously a big one, sponsors, everyone that’s involved in the financial package because we don’t have the big benefactor some other clubs have. It’s served us well for a long period of time but if we want to be the best club we have to go further than that now.”