Inside Derek Beaumont’s two league proposals for season return – including a 16-team Super League THIS year

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has sent two different league structure proposals out for consideration – including a 16-team Super League.

Beaumont is desperate for the Championship to return to the field today but has expressed his frustration at what he believes to be a series of hurdles being put in place to prevent the season returning.

However, in an attempt to get clubs back on the field he has lodged two proposals, one that would see two teams promoted from the Championship to Super League next season, and another that would see the four full-time teams in the second-tier join the 12 Super League teams in a 16-team competition for the rest of the year.

The second proposal would see all 16 teams play each other once, with the top 12 teams at the end of the round-robin retaining their place in Super League the season after. The bottom four would play in the Championship next year.

Pressures of testing have been identified as a major problem for part-time clubs, hence Beaumont’s proposal to effectively promote four sides for the rest of the season.

As for his other proposal, Beaumont has suggested a 14-team Super League due to concerns over a 13-team competition.

Super League is desperate for none of its existing teams to be relegated this year and there’s a general belief that it would be unwise and unfair to relegate, with the financial implications forcing huge pressure on clubs who have already felt the pinch following Covid-19.

But Championship clubs argue they should not lose their opportunity to be promoted given that would also have financial repercussions. As a result, the theory of promoting one team, but not relegating, has been floated.

But with 13 teams unpopular, Beaumont has suggested two teams should be promoted; with the league champions being automatically promoted and the winners of a four-team play-off series also moving to the top flight.

Both proposals have been received though there has been no serious discussion to implement either of them.

The RFL have yet to determine what would be a ‘meaningful’ season, which has frustrated Beaumont and Featherstone chairman Mark Campbell.

Beaumont believes it is a delay tactic to ensure time runs out on the Championship’s return, which as a result would leave the RFL in a position where do they not have to make a decision on promotion and relegation.