Joe Greenwood tests negative for coronavirus

Joe Greenwood has revealed he was tested for coronavirus.

The on-loan Leeds forward has been identified as the previously unnamed player who had been showing coronavirus like symptoms ahead of Leeds’ trip to Catalans, which the Rhinos ultimately decided not to make.

However, he was cleared of the virus and has now recovered from his illness.

“With everything that’s going on it was a bit scary at the time,” he said.

“They said they were going to do some tests on me which they have done, but it all came back all negative, it was just another virus, but I’ve shaken that off now and ready to go again.”

Greenwood was promptly put into isolation, after being sent home by Leeds doctors, which also had ramifications on his family.

“At first it was a bit exciting because I could watch a bit of Netflix and catch up on some of the documentaries! But later on, it was getting a bit boring.

“My partner got sent home from work, most of the family had to stay in the house. They were doing what they could, they just tried staying away from gatherings, until I got the result back they couldn’t go back to normal, but life goes on.”

Now, Greenwood is hoping to make his Leeds debut in the near future, having missed out during the trip to France.

“I just can’t get a break at the moment. With this going on I hope I can pull the jersey on soon for Leeds and come out the other end and everything go back to normal.”