Jordan Turner furious with Kevin Brown following ‘headbutt’ incident

Jordan Turner has accused Kevin Brown of headbutting him on purpose in Huddersfield’s victory over Salford.

The two were involved in the major flashpoint of the game as the two teams came together after Brown connected with Turner in the closing stages of the game.

Brown was sin-binned for the tackle and the Giants went on to win the match as Aidan Sezer kicked a penalty goal minutes after the Salford half-back was shown the yellow card.

But Turner was left livid by the incident and accused the veteran halfback of intentionally committing the offence.

“I was the one in the tackle and I know what went on. He headbutted me on purpose, it’s not the first time he’s done it to me and to be honest with you I’m pretty fuming about it.

“With as tough as we play the game there’s absolutely no need for it. I was glad that the right call came. I’m not happy about it if I’m honest with you. My reaction was that I saw red and wanted to confront him. I sort of made the right decision to not get involved in a fracas and so did Joe (Wardle). I think the good thing is that we went in because I don’t think it would have been seen otherwise if we hadn’t made a big reaction.

“I’m glad it was a Sky game because otherwise, it goes amiss and probably doesn’t get sent off.”

A response from Kevin Brown will be published in League Express.