Kear determined to finish on a high at Batley

Batley Bulldogs coach John Kear says he wouldn’t have been able to look his players in the eye had he walked out on them for Wakefield this season.

The Bulldogs boss was last week appointed head of rugby at the Wildcats, but he won’t start in his post until 2017.

And now he is determined to continue the Bulldogs’ flying start to the season for as long as possible.

Kear said: “Batley is a very special place at the moment and long may that continue.

“It’s very hard to get into that special place, and to walk away from anything isn’t in my nature anyway.

“When you shake a Chairman’s hand and he commits to a full season with you, you have to do similar – that’s all it was, a handshake, we don’t have a contract.

“I couldn’t have looked the players in the eye at Batley if I’d left now, especially after how well we’ve started.

“Kevin (Nicholas, Chairman) was pleased for me, and he sees it as a great way for me to sign off now.

“There have been no ructions behind the scenes – they feel that I’m doing a really good job and I’m happy about that.

“When I spoke to Michael Carter about Wakefield I mentioned all of this, as well as the fact that I’m highly motivated to get Wales to a World Cup and coach in one of those in the southern hemisphere.

“They were conditions that Michael was happy to embrace.”

Kear could now have an input into choosing his successor at the Fox’s Biscuits Stadium.

He said: “I’d like to think that our relationship is good enough for me to have an opinion on potential candidates, and Paul Harrison has already indicated that he would like an input from me.

“All of this happened pretty quickly – at 12 o’clock on Tuesday nothing had happened, and by 9.50pm it was all sorted.”

Kear also says there will be no ambiguity over what happens should the Bulldogs make the Qualifiers and face his future employers this season.

He added: “If Batley come up against Wakefield in 2016 I’ll be working my socks off to make sure Batley are successful.

“If it happens in 2017, that will be reversed.

“We aren’t targeting anything like the top four at the moment.

“We looked at our first game of the season and then the first quarter, which included games against all of last year’s top five.

“We’re now looking at the second quarter, which will take us up to round 11. It isn’t about external targets for us, it’s about processes and the teams we’re playing in the immediate future. When we get to halfway through then we’ll have another reassessment.”