Keegan Hirst’s wife wanted to ‘kill him’ after revealing his sexuality

The wife of Keegan Hirst, the first openly gay Rugby League player in Britain, has revealed she is proud of him, but wanted to kill him when he first told her the truth about his sexuality.

The Batley Bulldogs forward made the brave decision to come out in August and was widely commended for his decision.

However, speaking to The Telegraph, his wife Sara Hirst, who he had already separated from at the time, revealed how she was angry with the Batley star.

“I was never angry because he was gay. I’ve got gay friends,” she said.

“I felt he was being so blase. He said ‘you’ve gotta get your head round it’, like it was ‘life goes on’. I said ‘yeah, for you maybe. I’m left dealing with all this and trying to be strong for the kids. At that point I hated him. I wanted to rip his head off and kill him.” she said.

“I’m able to say now ‘yeah, this is my husband – at least for the moment’. I’m proud of him and I can support him,”

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