Keighley chairman targets £1m for Jones fund

Keighley Cougars chairman Gary Fawcett has issued a rallying cry for the world to throw their weight behind the Danny Jones fundraising efforts – as he revealed he is looking to raise £1million.

Fawcett initially told Sky Sports last night he was looking to get £250,000 in the fund – which currently stands at over £72,000.

However, in a statement on the Keighley website, Fawcett wants the fundraising efforts to break through seven figures.

He said: “Last night, during my interview with Eddie (Hemmings) on Boots n All, I stated an objective of £250k for the fund. Overnight I have thought about it and the fund needs to be over £1m and we should all share this target.”

The Rugby League community have thrown their weight behind the efforts to support the fundraising, but Fawcett has now called on other sports to do their bit, too.

“As far as I can see the richest sport in the country, Premiership football, has made zero contribution to Danny’s fund. If I’m wrong about this then let me know why and I will publicise it to encourage others to donate.

“On top of this, whereas the Rugby League world has been sharing most of the burden of the fund raising so far, I haven’t seen much in the way of donations from our richer brother, Rugby Union.

“This is an issue that can affect anyone in football and rugby so I believe that these 2 sports, as a minimum and collectively, should be donating significant sums into Danny’s fund.”

Fawcett also called on the Welsh public to support efforts, saying “there are over 3 million Welsh people who could all contribute £1 as a mark of respect to Danny.”