Kevin Brown eager to play on with Warrington in 2019

Kevin Brown has insisted he has no intention of retiring at the end of this season – and says he wants to remain a Warrington player in 2019.

Brown has been heavily involved in the rejuvenation of the Wolves under Steve Price this season, and the former England international believes he still has plenty to offer both the game and his current employers.

Ahead of tonight’s clash with Catalans, he told TotalRL: “I’m definitely playing on next year, 100 per cent – I feel great. 

“The England decision (his international retirement) was made to prolong my club career, and I’ve not had a concussion for around 20 weeks of playing now.  

“As I say, I feel great, and with the way I’m feeling, I think I’ll be playing on for a good while yet, to be honest. 

“We’ll see where I’ll be – hopefully it’ll be at Warrington because I love the place, and I love playing under Pricey and with all the lads.”

Brown also admits such a long period since his last concussion knock also gives him confidence he can play on.

The half-back has suffered a number of head knocks in recent years but has not had one for almost six months now – and he insists he’s constantly checking to see if he is cleared of potential damage further down the line. 

“The thing with concussions what I’ve found is that when I get one, I get knocked out pretty easily over the next month,” he said. I

“t doesn’t do much damage, but it rattles me a bit. I’m pretty clued up on the concussion side of things because I’ve got what feels like my own personal doctor at times. 

“There are no spots on my brain, and I’ve been tested that much he’s really happy with things.”

Brown also stressed that had any medical professionals told him they had concerns over his long-term health regarding the number of concussions he gets, he would have no hesitation in finishing.

But with a clean bill of health, Brown has no intention of ending his playing career at the end of this coming season.

“If he said it was time to finish then fine, but he’s really happy,” he said. 

“It is what it is; it’s a tough game but I took plenty of knocks in the game against Wigan and I’m fine. It’s just one of those things.”