Kevin Brown out for the season after keeping injury secret from his own team-mates

Kevin Brown will miss the rest of the season after Ian Watson revealed he had played at Wembley with an ankle injury.

Brown will undergo an operation now the Final is over having played through the pain barrier to help the side at Wembley.

Watson paid testament to the veteran halfback for playing through the pain barrier, revealing he had kept his injury a secret from the rest of his team-mates.

“Kev will probably go in for an operation now that will see him not come back this year,” Watson confirmed.

“What he did go through has been phenomenal for us to even get there and play, it’s a massive credit to Kev.

“When you’ve got a Challenge Cup Final in front of you you’d play with one leg, that’s what Kev was doing. You treat a big game like that like it’s the last game you’re ever going to play in.

“You saw that before Wembley, he knew potentially it would be his last game and it’s proven to be the case. He’s been getting injected for training, none of the players knew that apart from at Wembley as we had to inject him in the changing room.

“He’s pushed through, kept his dignity, never made it a distraction, you’ve seen before some players have had a rigmarole around them going into a final injured. He didn’t want any of that, he wanted it nice and settled before the game.”

Ryan Lannon will also miss the rest of the season with the same injury.