Kevin Penny reveals the meaning behind his try celebration

It has become almost a certainty these days that when Warrington are on television, you can expect to see Kevin Penny dash to the nearest camera celebrating a try.

The Warrington flier has been prolific for the Wolves over the last few years, meaning we have had plenty of opportunities to witness his now trademark ‘stirring the pot’ celebration.

However, there has always been an element of mystery surrounding the meaning of his try-scoring antics, that was, until the 28-year-old was asked recently.

Speaking to Rugby League World, Penny spoke about the celebration for the first time, revealing that it is an acknowledgement towards basketball, a sport that the winger was mad about as a youngster.

“It’s a basketball thing really,” he said. “And this is the first time I’ve explained it.

“Me and my little boy were watching an NBA game and there’s a player called James Harden. When he starts shooting three-pointers, he starts doing it. It basically means that he’s getting going or on those lines.

“The next day my boy had a game and when he scored he did it and he said I had to, too.

“Basketball is where I came from originally. I used to take a basketball to bed with me.”