Kirklees Council should be told where to go

League Express editor MARTYN SADLER reacts to recent developments in the plans to cite a Rugby League National Museum in Huddersfield


Kirklees Council has failed to deliver what it promised, when it won the right to host the National Rugby League Museum in the George Hotel in Huddersfield.

Now that it is apparently saying that it wants to host the museum elsewhere in the town, the RFL and the charity Rugby League Cares should be prepared to call its bluff and tell it that we won’t tolerate it going back on its word.

It would be a difficult decision, but the Council must be told that it will not be hosting the Museum if it isn’t going to be in the George Hotel.

Unfortunately, the RFL should have itself bought the George Hotel many years ago.

Some years ago, I suggested that the RFL should have located itself in the George and the other buildings surrounding St George’s Square in Huddersfield, which is one of the best municipal squares in the country and could have been used many times a year for Rugby League themed events.

Right next to the railway station in Huddersfield, it would have been a great venue for the RFL HQ.

Instead, the RFL moved out of Leeds to Manchester, which is a city that doesn’t care much for Rugby League.

All this is another example of a missed opportunity for our sport.